It Only Took Four

Piece two of the four piece dresser set is finished.  It could use washed though.
IMG_2042I finally have the process figured out. I trim around the punched hole edging a little less than a quarter inch. Then I sew around the edge with a tiny zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. The stitching barely goes into the punched hole edging.
Once I’ve stitched all around I can pull away the loose threads that are parallel to the stitching. Then I trim the threads perpendicular to the stitching to 1/8 inch.
At that point I do a base row of single crochet to give me an even foundation to crochet the edging. By doing the base row in the same color as the embroidery, any inconsistencies in the punched holes are hidden.
The end result is a smooth finish with no little thread whiskers sticking out.
It only took me two pillowcases and a doily to figure that out. It all came together on the fourth piece, and I’m very pleased with it.
I’ll do the same edging on the next piece, but something a little wider on the dresser scarf. I’m ready to finish this set and move on to something else.

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