Charity Drought

My small group met the other weekend after three consecutive months of major snows on meeting days. During that time I didn’t start a new charity quilt.

For my next project, I chose a quilt kit I picked up off the charity table last year. Someone cut all the squares and stacked them in a large Ziploc with a construction diagram. It’s a trip around the world pattern.  The colors in the picture are a bit flat.
charity tripIt might not have been the best choice since the squares need sewn in the correct order to create the pattern. I had to do some unsewing when I got home because I got to talking and sewed the squares wrong.

No rush on this quilt. I only sew on it at group until it gets to the point of basting, and then I finish it at home. Best guess is that will be sometime this summer.

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2 Responses to Charity Drought

  1. Kate says:

    A very nice start. Hopefully the snow is about over for the year. I’m definitely ready for spring and warmer temps.

  2. Thanks. I’m with you on being ready for spring. We’re tired of snow here.

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