I got this far on the Christmas embroidery before I ran out of supplies.
wreath with ribbonDilemma. After thinking on it I decided to ditch the crewel yarn and finish all the pieces using floss and whatever fancy threads I’ve accumulated.
I did some looking online to figure out which threads would work best. I read through a handful of articles and realized I know nothing about embroidery. All the self-taught projects using inexpensive chain store kits left me a little short on information.
I didn’t have anyone to teach me all those little tricks that make your stitching look amazing. Mom hated needlework and sewing. She said it stressed her out. She was an incredible cook though, no matter what she made. In my mind that was a fair trade.
So now I wonder just how much I missed by teaching myself? It’s a bit humbling.
This first Christmas bag will be my transition piece. I’m not tearing out any of the stitching. I’ll move forward from here and see if those little tricks make a difference.
Learning is a good thing.

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3 Responses to Directions

  1. Joyce A Crabtree says:

    It looks great to me Donna!

  2. Kate says:

    It looks good to me too. But it is always nice to learn new tricks.

  3. Susan says:

    Truthfully, you didn’t miss out on anything, judging from your stitching. My mother was a master embroiderer, but she died when I was nine and all I knew about embroidery was what I remembered from watching her for hours on end. It turned out to be enough to do what I like to do. What you did here looks fabulous! I rarely satin stitch because it doesn’t look pretty like yours. I’m too impatient. Kudos to you for moving on and moving up!

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