Mark Making Play Night

At Art Quilt Group last night we played with pencils and markers. Thanks to the generous ladies that brought their supplies so the rest of us could try them.
mark making sampleMy sample piece from left to right:
Permanent fabric markers (orange and blue)
Play Color tempura sticks (pink and blue)
Inktense pencils (next two sections except the red circles, which are permanent marker)
Pastel pencils (last section on right)
The fabric is quilting cotton, with head foam between the layers. Aloe was applied to all the marks.
My fave was the permanent fabric markers. I loved that I could blend colors without losing the bold lines. The more I worked the marks with aloe, the more interesting the results. I see a set coming to live with me soon.
My second favorite was the pastel pencils. I liked the subtle texture, even though they didn’t blend very well. They are a good choice when color bleed is a bad thing.
I liked the way the tempura sticks went on the fabric, but once there it was hard to manipulate. Smoothing out the texture lightened the color. They didn’t lend themselves to subtle shading.
My least favorite was the Inktense pencils. I think it had a lot to do with the foam. Other members used them on just fabric (no batting or backing) and had better results. We didn’t have them at the meeting, but I think I would have liked the Inktense blocks better. Those can be used to both draw lines or as a paint palette.
We had a limited amount of time and couldn’t try everything. I might have a different opinion if I spent more time with any one product.
Maybe now I’ll be motivated to try my watercolor pencils and pastels.

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2 Responses to Mark Making Play Night

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Oh! Fun! I have the intense stuff but have not used them with aloe. Just water. I have also used just regular colored pencils with good results. I bought some Juicy markers I think they are called. Made by Sharpie but for fabric. Haven’t played with those yet. Did anyone have Gelato sticks there? Someone in my art group brought them to a meeting and they were a lot like paint sticks but we’re water based instead of oil. Now I am lusting after those…

  2. dezertsuz says:

    I haven’t tried any of those on fabric, only crayons. On paper, I like alcohol markers, but I don’t know how they would work on fabric, at all. It looks like you had an enjoyable evening and learned some things that might help you make some choices. How would this work into your quilting?

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