The First July Finish

I finished the Gemma top on Tuesday and wore it to Guild last night.
Gemma topI came close to pitching the whole thing, but if I want to make clothes I need to learn how to fit. This shirt was as good a place to start as any.
The pattern was included in the Creative Bug class. It was drafted in several sizes with two different cup sizes. Based on the measurements printed in the instructions, I sewed a small with the C/D cup size. I thought this would give me enough of a bust adjustment, but it didn’t. Also, the bust darts were too high for my body.
It fits well enough after adjustments, but it will never be a favorite garment.
In spite of my issues with the pattern, I thought the instructions were excellent. The videos clearly showed all the steps, and the instructor had some tricks I hadn’t seen before. The end result was a well constructed garment.
I’m giving some thought to taking other similar classes. If I do, I will probably use a different pattern that I know fits me.

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3 Responses to The First July Finish

  1. Laura says:

    It sounds like you persevered and learned…very important! It looks like a cute summer top!

  2. Laura Kate says:

    If it doesn’t fit you, perhaps it will be a nice gift for a friend or relative. The fabric is yummy.

  3. chrisknits says:

    I need to find a pattern for woven fabric that allows for good fit in my arms. They always seem to tight when I try to lift my arms, so I don’t know if that’s a bust or sleeve issue. Pretty top, even if it’s not a perfect fit!

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