UFO Friday

Do you have UFOs?
I know a few quilters that don’t, but they are definitely the freaks of the quilting world. They must hang with the quilters that don’t have a stash (yes, they are out there).
If you need a little incentive to work on your UFOs, you can head over to Pat Sloan’s blog every Friday to see which UFO she is trying to finish. You can also post a picture of your UFO in process, but you can’t link back to your blog, website, etc. Last week about 90 people shared photos for lots of eye candy.
You can also find info there on her various quilt-a-longs. She usually has several going at once.
Even though it isn’t on The Short List, I pulled out one of my UFOs for Fridays or nights when I think free motion quilting is a bad idea.
acorn blocksI haven’t done anything to the blocks except press them. I made them two years ago in a class on free form curved piecing taught by a Guild member.
In case you can’t tell, they are supposed to be acorns. I plan to square the blocks and add stems with a goal of making a small table runner.
I haven’t finished a single UFO this year and hope this will motivate me to finish a few.

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4 Responses to UFO Friday

  1. Laura says:

    This sounds like a good plan! The acorns are cute and will make a great seasonal table runner!

  2. Laura Kate says:

    The question is, who doesn’t have UFOs. I am beginning to get them in every category of fiber arts.

  3. Joyce Crabtree says:

    They do look like acorns. Fall table runner??

  4. chrisknits says:

    At the beginning of the year I named 12 UFOs to be dealt with this year. So far so good! But I fear July’s is going to get pushed out to August since I haven’t even started on it and I leave Monday for Florida! But I will be back on the 28th, so that leaves 3 days in July to hand quilt a small wallhanging? LOL

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