Sunday Stash September 22, 2019

The year of batiks continues.
I took recyclable scraps to the Guild meeting for a little out.
At the thrift I picked up a small bag of neutral batik. Those bags always have more in them than you think, 2.75 yards in. I will never pass up batiks at $1/yard no matter how much fabric I have.
batik and patternsI also picked up a purse and a shirt pattern.
I won’t make positive numbers this year but hope to make a dent in what I’ve bought. Thank goodness we start fresh at the beginning of the year.
Fabric Added: 58.2
Fabric Used: 18.125 yards
Net Fabric In: 40.075 yards
How did you do this week?

1 Quilting Gail
2 Chrisknits
3 Beth C in MA
4 Meloney
5 Julie in GA
6 Patricia
7 DesertSky Quilting
8 Melva Loves Scraps

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6 Responses to Sunday Stash September 22, 2019

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  2. Kate says:

    Hard to pass up batiks at that price. Your fabric in isn’t too bad for the year. It is good we get to reset each January first.

  3. chrisknits says:

    Once again, more in than out! I need to stop, but maybe that’s a resolution for next year? LOL

  4. Julie Kennedy says:

    I wouldn’t be able to pass up any batik at that price either!

  5. Mia is mine says:

    Great price on those batiks! Your patterns are so pretty! Awesome purchases!

  6. dezertsuz says:

    I’m with you about batiks. One thing the counting does is make us more conscious of what we are buying and how much we are spending. It doesn’t have to be about total reduction. I love that blouse pattern! Is it an old one? What’s the number, I can’t quite read it. Thanks!

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