Sunday Stash December 8, 2019

No change in the numbers this week.
I spent most the week sorting and organizing my fabric. Fabrics are now together by color or type (ex. Christmas). Pieces too small to use for anything but scrap quilts went in a box. I’ll have to deal with those later.
Nothing motivates you to stop buying fabric more than handling every piece you own. I found things I forgot I had and others I don’t remember buying. There was fabric stored with a pattern (helpful) and coordinating fabrics stored together without a pattern (not helpful). It was a bit overwhelming.
I’ll finish up today, although I expect to find fabric here and there for a while. It hides and multiplies.
Fabric Added: 59.7
Fabric Used: 22.875 yards
Net Fabric In: 36.825 yards
How did you do this week?

1 Meloney
2 Chrisknits
3 Julie in GA
4 Quilting Gail
5 Melva Loves Scraps
6 DesertSky Quilting

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6 Responses to Sunday Stash December 8, 2019

  1. melfunk says:

    It is a good feeling to know more about what you really have in stash. I need to make a floral quilt out of scraps AND yardage. LOL That is where I seem to have the most fabric choices.

  2. Julie Kennedy says:

    I really should go through all of my fabrics and get rid of some, but it seems too overwhelming with the limited amount of time I’ve got. Maybe once I retire?

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  4. davemelvanolan says:

    I started a box like that years ago. It has only grown over the years… despite my efforts to use it up on scrappy quilts. It has a life of it’s own! lol

  5. Susan Nixon says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine going through my stash, even though when I had a lot more than this I did it once – I had to pack it! Wish I had that stash now. LOL Scraps – they multiply definitely. I use them constantly, but never seem to make a dent.

  6. Jennifer in Indy says:

    Always a good exercise to do!

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