Picking at Things

Is anyone else out there feeling a little stressed this week?
My responsibilities at work include Human Resources and Facilities, although my job title is in a different area. I spent a chunk of my week posting various notices and cleaning common areas with Clorox cleaner. I call the cleaning my “daily disinfecting”.
In spite of a lack of confirmed COVID-19 cases in this area, I hear the grocery store shelves are empty. I’ll find out myself tomorrow. I stopped at a small family owned grocer after work tonight and bought dog food, not because I feel the need to hoard a year’s supply, but because we were out. They had plenty of food on the shelves, although the prices were noticeably higher than the big box stores. If I need basics I can always go back.
I had one Guild meeting this week, but the one next week is cancelled.
I find all the drama draining. I’ve worked some on the penguins and cut all the background pieces for Blue Hawaii, which I’m renaming A Walk in the Woods because it’s green and gray. The final border is on the bear quit, which I will baste this weekend.
If nothing else, I should get a lot of quilting done in the next month.
Wishing everyone a safe and healthy weekend.

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2 Responses to Picking at Things

  1. Laura says:

    I work at the local post office, Donna. I handle mail, packages, and work with customers all day. I have a new routine added to my responsibilities, but it is worth it…periodically wiping down surfaces with disinfectant throughout the day. I don’t stress over it, and I have not stocked up the pantry (or the tp). I am still focused on working on those old UFOs that need to get out of my mind, and out of my sewing room. 🙂

    Perhaps I would stress over it, certainly take more precautions, if I felt that I was a high risk person. Fortunately, I am normally blessed with very good health (even though I am over 60).

  2. Marianne Mussett says:

    I think all of us are planning lots of stitching , knitting, quilting, etc. time over the next few weeks A short walk this afternoon got me outside. Now time to start some of that stitching I mentioned. Enjoy your weekend.

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