April 2020 Short List

It’s a new quarter and time for new quarterly and semi-annual goals. I had to make some adjustments to April’s goals because I don’t have supplies for some projects and don’t know when I can get them. I just shifted projects forward to the next quarter and picked other goals. I would have picked those projects eventually, and the order isn’t that important. I didn’t finish anything last month but made good progress on three projects.
The Short List categories are UFO, garment, original design, stitchery, charity and other. I’ve used some form of this system for over 5 years to help keep me focused. I change the categories as my goals and interests change.
UFO – I’m quilting Bears with Borders. So cute and cheerful, it’s a joy to work on it.
quilted bearGarment – I picked a knit shirt pattern because I have the fabric for it. I wanted to give pants a shot, but I don’t have suitable fabric.
kwik sewOriginal Design – I’m playing with ideas but nothing definite yet.
Stitchery – I decided to frame a piece I stitched five years ago because I think I have a frame that fits it. This one might be a make it work goal.
dreamsOther – A Walk In The Woods is cut and a few blocks pieced. This is a semi-annual goal.
awitw piecesCharity – I need to trim the HST blocks to get them all the same size. This project also falls into the semi-annual category.
charity HSTsThere’s definitely a blue theme this month.  Bears with Borders was my OMG last month. I’m sticking with that goal and linking to Elm Street Quilts.

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4 Responses to April 2020 Short List

  1. Joyce Crabtree says:

    All your projects look great!

  2. Laura says:

    It will be fun to watch your progress with this quarter’s goals, Donna! 🙂

  3. chrisknits says:

    Looks like you have some great projects to work on!

  4. patty says:

    Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

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