Wood Stain Test

Some ideas just won’t go away, and painting fabric with wood stain is one of them.
I looked it up online to see if it had been done before. Most sites discouraged using stain on fabric because of the chemicals in the stain. Since the fabric won’t be used in clothing, I did it anyway.
I used two different stains, an oil based stain (brown) and a water based stain (cranberry). I painted with q-tips to avoid cleaning brushes.
stain testI started with the cranberry. It was a lot like painting with acrylic paint.
I moved on to the brown. Rather than stir all the oil into the pigment, I stuck with using mostly pigment. Most oil based stains separate in the can. It may not show in the picture, but I got some interesting texture with the brown.
Unless applied thickly, neither changed the hand of the fabric. I painted the samples in the kitchen, but it would have been better to use the oil stain outside and not worry about drips or spills. The oil based stain did not leave grease marks. I don’t know how to describe it, but stain gives a different effect on fabric than paint.
I plan to experiment with the oil stain again, maybe with shibori or a flour paste resist. I don’t think I’d choose it for all over color, but I can see where it could have its moments.

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2 Responses to Wood Stain Test

  1. Laura says:

    Interesting experiment, Donna! I have never considered using wood stains on fabric. Does it fade after washing?

  2. chrisknits says:

    It’s amazing what your mind creates! I would never have thought to try that.

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