Sunday Stash July 5, 2020

No fabric in this week.
SS yellow
Fabric went out for the Life Sew Savory Fitted Tee.
Life Sew Savory Tee
This is a form fitting t-shirt pattern. I prefer my clothes a little looser, so I sized up to a medium and didn’t do a back adjustment. I also shortened the shirt four inches. I’m average height, but I like my shirts to hit mid-hip. The original pattern went to the thighs.
This is a super easy pattern to sew. The instructions online are minimal, which wouldn’t make it a good first project. If you have some garment construction experience I highly recommend it. I plan to make another one in a different color.
Fabric In: 1.5
Fabric Out: 13.5 yards
Net Fabric Out: 12 yards
How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA
2 maggie f
3 Life in Pieces Kate
4 Chrisknits
5 Jennifer in Indy
6 Meloney
7 Patricia
8 Quilting Gail

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7 Responses to Sunday Stash July 5, 2020

  1. Julie Kennedy says:

    Nice t-shirt! I need to get back to sewing some clothing for myself sometime soon.

  2. Kate Swallows says:

    Beautiful teal shirt. It’s always nice when you find a pattern that works for you.

  3. Laura says:

    That looks very nice and comfy for everyday! I like your changes…I am into loose fitting as well. Thanks for the link! I downloaded the pattern, but I sure don’t know when I’ll actually make it!

  4. The t-shirt looks great!

  5. Mia is mine says:

    Wow! I thought you had purchased the T-shirt! It’s lovely! Thank you for hosting and sharing!

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  7. Joyce Crabtree says:

    I like the color Donna!

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