Sunday Stash August 9, 2020

No fabric in or out this week.
SS yellowI’ve spent so much time doing cross stitch recently that I haven’t made much progress on my sewing projects. This week I made myself step away from the cross stitch and work on something else.
I finished appliqueing the branches and started on the leaves.
branches with leavesI enjoy accomplishing something, even if I can only stitch for 20 minutes.
Fabric In: 13.5
Fabric Out: 14.5 yards
Net Fabric Out: 1 yards
How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA
2 Chrisknits
3 Meloney
4 Patricia
5 Angie in SoCal
6 Quilting Gail

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5 Responses to Sunday Stash August 9, 2020

  1. melfunk says:

    You do so much hand work. I love it.

  2. Laura says:

    One can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes. 🙂

  3. Mia is mine says:

    I agree with Laura! A lot can be accomplished in 20 minutes. Like you, I go through times when sewing takes a back seat to other fiber crafts. Your hand stitching is lovely – it really is.

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  5. Even just 20 minutes moves a project along. Hope this week was better on the stitching front.

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