Sunday Stash December 13, 2020

No change in the numbers.

Christmas preparations took most of my time this week. The tree is up and decorated. Shopping has taken longer than usual with limited selection both online and in the stores. I’m a little surprised at the crowds. My son and I walked out of one store because the only line for the cashiers was at least an hour long. There was nothing in the store I wanted that bad.

I did manage to add a little quilting to Tribes.

I think I could finish the quilting in a few hours, if I can just make the time.

Fabric In: 17.75

Fabric Out: 21.875 yards

Net Fabric Out: 4.25 yards

How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA

2 Chrisknits

3 Melva Loves Scraps

4 Meloney

5 Quilting Gail

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6 Responses to Sunday Stash December 13, 2020

  1. Julie Kennedy says:

    Christmas shopping is much harder this year. I was surprised at how many people were in one store I went to a couple weeks ago. It made me very uncomfortable, so I tried to get in and out quickly. Fortunately, the lines weren’t as bad as you experienced.

  2. Laura Kate says:

    I like this quilt sample. The colors are strong.

  3. I’d love to take credit, but one of my friends made this section. The squares are a half inch.

  4. Gayle Kush says:

    I went to a Dollar General store about 3 weeks ago, to pick up something for the women’s shelter charity my small group does, and there must have been 25 people in line snaked all around the store because there was one cashier. I went right back out and further away to get it. It’s one thing to go to the store and shop. Quite another to hang around in a germ infested aisle with half of humanity! I followed my usual MO of having everything done before Thanksgiving. Just had the last couple things arrive in the mail which I would have done in a regular year anyway.
    You’ll have that round robin done by the end of the year. Good job!

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