The June 2021 Short List

Another month come and gone and another list of projects to finish. I completed the Crazy Quilting Course (but didn’t frame it) and the Bonus Bunnies quilt in May. It feels good to be back at the sewing machine playing with fabric.

The Short List categories are UFO, garment, original design, hand work, finishing, classes and other. I’ve used this system for 6+ years to keep me focused. The categories change as my goals and interests change. Categories with nothing in process will not be listed, only active categories.

Original Design – Open Dialogue has moved to the sewing table. I’m in the thinking and planning stage.

Other – I have some catch up to do on group challenges now that I’m done with the class. The first challenge has to include circles. This project really falls under original design, but I put it in “Other” to avoid confusion.

Hand Work – Digging Out, a Mill Hill kit, is moving along and finally looks like something.

Garment – I decided I have enough shorts and pulled fabric from my stash to make pants. That’s new territory for me. The goal with the first pair is to get the fit right.

Class – It isn’t really, but I already have something in the “Other” category, and I will be learning something new. This weekend my Guild is having a sew-in to play with Victoria Findlay Wolfe techniques, based on one of her books. The project finishes into a pillow, which may or may not be how I finish mine.

Tough call on which project to pick as my OMG. Any one could be a finish this month. To keep it from lingering, the sew in project will be my OMG linking to Elm Street Quilts.

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2 Responses to The June 2021 Short List

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    I may pop in to that sew along on Sunday. I am doing the bee on Saturday but was invited to asundaysxas well. Not at all prepared so might do something else improv I am working on. Hope to see you there!

  2. Laura says:

    June looks like a doable list. I look forward to seeing what the Victoria Findlay Wolfe project will be! 🙂

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