Sew In Progress

I thought I’d share my progress on the Victoria Findlay Wolfe sew along. I had the pieces cut ahead, and all the sewing happened on Sunday. The top isn’t finished, but I made more progress than I expected.

The strips are woven together rather than the typical method of cutting off the edges and sewing a straight seam. I’ll wait to review the technique until after I finish the top.

I thought sewing the two sections together would be the hardest part, but it’s easier than piecing the sections. It’s also a lot larger than I expected and way too big for a pillow.

It was fun to try something completely different from what I’d normally make. I checked the book out of the library and need to finish the quilt before I run out of renewals.

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2 Responses to Sew In Progress

  1. Laura says:

    The braid looks great…interesting to learn that it is woven. 🙂

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