The Next Project

I am always thinking about the next project.


Even if I’m enjoying the current project, my mind dreams of the next. The fun of picking fabric, the excitement of the first stitches becomes a siren’s song. I hear it calling me.

Some of you are organized enough to have a list of future projects that you actually follow. For me it’s the luck of the draw. Whatever has my attention when I finish the current thing becomes the next thing.

Right now this has my attention.

It reminds me of Gnome Angel’s 100 days 100 blocks challenge. I don’t know why this appeals, but I’ve thought about it a few years. I don’t much care for sampler quilts. I rarely use gray in my quilts. Yet here I am obsessing about this quilt.

Will it be the next project?

I’m also loving some of the motifs I’ve quilted into Open Dialogue, which has set off a whole string of “what if” ideas.

Whatever has my attention when I finish the current thing….

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1 Response to The Next Project

  1. Laura says:

    I never heard of Patchwork City. It seems that if you are obsessing over it, then perhaps it just should be in your project queue. 🙂

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