Adopt A Box

My Guild (The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild) does a thing called “adopt a box.”

The guild has a supply of fabric used to make quilts for a local battered women’s shelter (Safehouse). Member can browse the tables of fabric and take whatever they want to make a Safehouse quilt. We’re talking a lot of fabric to choose from.

Rather than rent a storage unit to store the fabric between meetings, member are asked to take a box home and bring it back the next meeting. Members’ homes become the storage facility.

I’ve taken boxes off and on over the years. I brought a box home after last weekend’s meeting. The fabric is two layers deep and you can only see half of it.

Although it looks like a lot of fat quarters, it’s mostly scraps. Sometimes the boxes have all yardage and sometimes they are full of orphan blocks and UFOs. When you grab a box you never know what you’ll get.

Working with scraps is my method of choice. For the past couple years most my quilts have come from my scrap bins, with the addition of a background fabric. I was in heaven when I saw the contents of this box.

And since they know how much I love and appreciate them, those blue and cream scraps told me they want to become a Traffic Jam quilt.

I’ll add my own scraps to the mix and look at this as a long term project. Each adopted box can contribute until I have enough blocks for a twin size quilt. It can serve as a leader and ender project.

When the need arises, the project comes.

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4 Responses to Adopt A Box

  1. Laura says:

    Great choice of pattern, Donna! I have made two Traffic Jam quilts, and they were fun and easy to make. They were given to two of my grandsons. 🙂

  2. dwaterfield228 says:

    Traffic Jam is a great scrap busting quilt pattern. Your guild does amazing things with those boxes.

  3. Thanks for your inspiring idea to share donated fabric. My guild in Kingston Ontario, just received the bounty from 2 recently departed guild members, and will be discussing how to share the bounty with our members. Our community quilts program, makes quilts to comfort people of all ages, and we deliver over 300 quilted projects a year.

  4. Joyce says:

    Great cause Donna! Looks like fun sorting through the scraps for the fabric that calls to you.

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