Me, Playing

Happy Thanksgiving!

My November OMG is to finish the fused fabric challenge piece. For that to happen, I needed to start.

First I stitched over the fused fabric with variegated thread, making sure to catch each fused shape at least once. Spoiler alert, I should have stitched in lines or a grid to catch each fused shape multiple times.

Then I cut windows in a plain piece of paper in the shape of a circle, fan, square and rectangle. The rectangle looked best. I cut the fused fabric into rectangular pieces.

My first idea was a wheel shape, but I knew it would bother me if the spokes were wonky. I also wasn’t sold on the background fabric.

Next came this arrangement. By this time I liked the background fabric even less.

This background should have looked good but did nothing for it.

There were several other background auditions. Finally I stumbled upon a winner.

I sewed it all together and need to come up with a border. Stay tuned for the next play day.

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4 Responses to Me, Playing

  1. Laura Conowitch says:

    Exciting to see this coming together!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Jennifer in Indy says:

    Very cool project and would be a neat way to use some small scraps

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