What Next?

The challenge quilt has been my focus, but it no longer has a deadline. The group will not submit quilts to AQS this year after several members had a whole lot of life happen recently, not in a good way. Maybe next year.

My attention switched back to the pinwheel quilt, which should be finished in the next week. I will continue working on the challenge quilt (note to self – come up with a real name), but I need another project. The creative possibilities for the challenge increased when the time constraints disappeared. Sounds like an opportunity to experiment.

Sticking with my 2023 goals, the next project will either be a UFO, garment or finishing a stitched piece. Finishing doesn’t appeal. A UFO would have to be small because the challenge did this to my cutting table.

These blocks came from a class about 5 years ago. I could add to them and make a table runner. It’s a possibility.

I will have to think about a garment. On the plus side, garments don’t require much mental power once you get the pattern fitted, at least not the ones I sew. I can’t work on two thinking projects at once, and the challenge is definitely a thinking project.

I have a week or so to decide. Stay tuned……

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