My Scrap Method

I’d love to tell you I had a great plan for using scraps and it worked out perfectly for me, but that isn’t what happened. I started using scraps a certain way and then noticed how I used them. My non-system ended up as my method, which does work for me.

When I start a quilt, I pull background and backing fabric out of stash and the rest of the fabrics for the top come from scraps. Sometimes I need to pull binding/facing from stash, sometimes not. My most recent quilt followed that formula.

Same with this one.

What didn’t come from the charity table for the blocks came from my scrap bins.

The three B’s came from stash (background, backing and binding)

Same with this one.

And this one.

How I have any green scraps left is beyond me, but the bin hasn’t gone down any.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on scrap storage. I plan to rework my storage system soon.

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2 Responses to My Scrap Method

  1. I use mostly from the scrap bins and I do make a lot of quilts. Yet…they are all full!

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