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Feeding The Inner Student

As a child I was a natural student.  I learned quickly with little effort and really enjoyed it.  I still enjoy learning.  I wouldn’t want to repeat my college days, but I’m all for a good challenge that stretches me … Continue reading

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Confetti Breeze

The weeks just fly by, don’t they? For a change of pace I designed the fifth strippy quilt in EQ.  I made up all the others on the fly with very little, or in some cases, no planning at all.  … Continue reading

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One Off The January List

I finished sewing the Summer’s Afloat top together tonight. I’ve sewn flatter tops, but it should look fine once it’s quilted. Note to self: have more respect for all those bias edges. While sewing the rows together, I’m sure I … Continue reading

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Retreat Weekend

I’m off to retreat this afternoon.  It’s a beautiful day here with temps near 80 degrees.  I have to make sure I get out and walk along the lake while I’m there. I agonized over what to take with me … Continue reading

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Picture Challenge #2 Sent

I had the best of intentions when working on this piece.  I took pictures at every step and planned to explain the process.   When I finished it I took one last set of pictures, plus pictures to go with … Continue reading

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Border Lesson

When I draw quilts in EQ, I add the borders even though I know I’ll change them.  What looks good on the computer doesn’t always look good in fabric.  Can you see where this is heading?   I finished the … Continue reading

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Not My Style Design

After way too much tweaking, I decided on the final design.                    The original pattern, designed by Marti Michell, appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting in 1995.    The goal of this project is to finish a quilt using … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside the Box

Remember the Woodland Bloom charm pack?  The one that encouraged me to fall off the stash-busting wagon because I needed more fabric to sew my EQ6 design?   Here are the four units that make up a block.                … Continue reading

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Design Wall Monday – Overflow

The quilt on the design bed hasn’t changed much since last week.  I have about 75% of it sewn together.  Once I get the top pieced and the borders on I’ll show another picture.   I started working on the … Continue reading

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Work Patterns

In my never-ending quest to squeeze more creative time into my day, my attention has turned to work habits.  What drives the decision to start one project over another?  Why do some ideas linger like a mild headache?  Why do … Continue reading

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