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What If Wednesday – Blessings Shared

So many blessings have come into my life lately. I do my best to remember to appreciate them and not take them for granted. There’s plenty in my life that no one would think to envy and that makes those … Continue reading

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The Thought Of A Leaf

I’d love to report I finished something, but it was one of those work weeks that got the best of me. I’m always amazed when multiple projects hit crisis at the same time. It’s a little like the kids getting … Continue reading

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A Non-Sale

I had another garage sale today to try to get rid of mom’s stuff and get my car in the garage before winter. Parking outside for the past two winters was beyond annoying with all the cold and snow. I’m … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Block Progress

You’d think I’d stay away from the quilt shops with all the fabric I’ve bought this year, but what’s a girl’s day out if you don’t stop at four quilt shops? I held my ground at the first two. The … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 3: Things With Motors

I started this day with sewing machine shopping. I have lived with only one machine forever. If it goes in the shop I don’t sew that week. If I’m quilting something I finish it before I piece something else because … Continue reading

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A Year of 30 Day Trials

In the past I’ve posted about different habits I’ve tried to incorporate into my life using 30-day trials.  A 30-day trial is exactly that.  For one month, I try doing something different with my life to see if it works….or … Continue reading

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Rejoining the Living

I think I just set a personal record for NOT posting the blog.  Two straight months of 60-hour work weeks got the better of me.  I’d like to post about how it’s over and it was all worth it, but … Continue reading

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