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Sunday Stash April 12, 2020

No fabric in this week. As the lockdown drags on I have a growing appreciation for my stash. I used a quarter yard of fabric for masks. We’ve all seen enough mask pictures to last us a lifetime. I took … Continue reading

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Ideas Into Form #1

In case you missed the first post, this is a continuation of how I’m going about taking my sometimes vague ideas and moving them into form. To start the process I chose three ideas I’ve wanted to explore for a … Continue reading

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Ideas Into Form Intro

I love ideas. I love that they flow freely to me, hang out, talk to me, challenge me and help me learn and grow. Ideas create endless possibilities. I have lots of ideas. I keep a notebook with lists, narratives, … Continue reading

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What I Learned This Week When I Wasn’t Quilting

One: I have some seriously ugly scraps that I need to use up and get out of here. Some of the colors aren’t to my taste anymore. Once I combine them with other fabrics I expect they will look fine. … Continue reading

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Design Decisions

I finished sewing the raffle block into a top. It’s a good size for a pillow, but I’m not much of a pillow person. My family constantly throws them on the floor to get them out of the way. I … Continue reading

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Looking For The Spark

I finished sewing the hanging sleeve on Confetti Breeze last night. I’m tempted to call it a finished quilt. It’s quilted and faced. All it really needs is a label. But I just can’t bring myself to leave it naked. … Continue reading

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What If Wednesday – Coloring Book Copyrights

What if I based a quilt pattern on a line drawing in a coloring book? This is not a new concept. I used coloring book shapes for the appliqués on this quilt almost 15 years ago. But then I got … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 2: Getting Organized

I listen to books on CD in the car and the current one explains how to organize your whole life in one year. Right. Now that I’m past the absurdity of the idea I can pick up some useful tips. … Continue reading

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Visual Dance Update

After a long break, I’m back to working through The Visual Dance. The last shape exercise almost did me in. I had to cut up a picture like a puzzle and put it back together with gaps and overlaps. I … Continue reading

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Quilting 15 Minutes A Day

A few years ago I made a point to spend time quilting every day. Once I established the routine, I sewed closer to 1 hour a day and finished a lot more projects. Circumstances change over time, and I dropped … Continue reading

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