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Adopt A Box

My Guild (The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild) does a thing called “adopt a box.” The guild has a supply of fabric used to make quilts for a local battered women’s shelter (Safehouse). Member can browse the tables of fabric … Continue reading

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Sew In Progress

I thought I’d share my progress on the Victoria Findlay Wolfe sew along. I had the pieces cut ahead, and all the sewing happened on Sunday. The top isn’t finished, but I made more progress than I expected. The strips … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash June 10, 2018

No fabric in or out and no money spent this week. The full scope of the work changes became more clear this week. It will be months before things even out again. My small group also decided to stop meeting. … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash May 20, 2018

To make up for all the weeks where nothing changed, everything changed this week. Fabric out for the RWB trip around the world back and binding 4.5 yards. I behaved myself at the guild fabric sale. I added a couple … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash July 15, 2017

No fabric out this week. Yesterday my guild had their garage sale. I tend to buy a lot of books, but they didn’t have nearly as many as usual. There was a lot of fabric in mostly small pieces. Maybe … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash June 25, 2017

No fabric in or out this week. I don’t think I even turned on my sewing machine all week. I spent yesterday afternoon at an organizational meeting for a small group that is an offshoot of The Greater Ann Arbor … Continue reading

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Getting There

I FINALLY finished the main body of the Bricks quilt. It feels like I’ve been working on it forever. It needs borders, but that can wait until another day. This quilt will go to Safehouse, a battered women’s shelter. I’d … Continue reading

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Compelled, And A Mom Update

After a lot of tests and a trip to the doctor, I think we’ve hit a better place with mom’s health. She seems to be on the upswing. It may not last, but I’ll take the reprieve. Maybe now I … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Baby Nines

I’m thrilled to report I did not add any fabric this week. I didn’t finish anything either but will have usage next week. The thrift shop was a big disappointment yesterday. Their stock was way down, which doesn’t surprise me … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Readjusting

No fabric bought or used this week. I went to one quilt shop on the road, but it was small and everything was at least six or seven years old. I’ve never been to a shop that had nothing current, … Continue reading

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