May Scrap Attack And OMG

For my Scrap Attack project I decided to make something out of one of my purchased scrap bags. I created a pattern, traced the motifs on fusible web and started cutting out the fabric pieces. I painted the background fabric because nothing in my stash worked.
runner 53018It’s a work in process. I knew this project would take more than one month, so it is my Scrap Attack project for June too.
My May OMG was to add paint to the poppy quilt and start the applique. I painted the lightest leaves a darker green. Except for the painted leaves, all the stems and leaves are appliqued.
poppies 53018I’m linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Elm Street Quilts.

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Sunday Stash May 27, 2018

No fabric in or out this week, and no money spent.
On an administrative note, with the last Windows update I am no longer able to comment on Blogger blogs….again. I enjoy the back and forth dialogue of comments and replies and feel sad it is no longer available to me. I do read the posts of everyone that links. I will keep trying because eventually it will change back.
I haven’t had a lot of time in the sewing room this week, but have made progress on the embroidery.
wreath3The temperature will be in the 90s today and it’s already very humid. I expect to spend the afternoon indoors sewing.
Fabric In: 5.25 yards
Fabric Out: 9 yards
Net Fabric Used: 3.75 yards
Quilt & embroidery spending: $110

1 Melissa G
2 Chrisknits
3 Julie in GA
4 MartiDIY
5 maggie f
6 Aileen K
7 DesertSky Quilting

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Ideas Into Form #3

In the last post, the design was set but no fabric was chosen.
Now I have all the fabrics for the flowers laid out where they will go. It’s rough, but it’s enough to keep me going.
runner fabricsI couldn’t find a background fabric in my stash that I thought would work. Everything I had was either too dark or had too much pattern. Instead, I pulled out some white fabric and will paint it pale green.
Once all the flowers are cut out, I will choose fabrics for the leaves, stems and flower centers.
It feels like it took a long time to get to this point, but I’ll have more to show for my time going forward.

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Sunday Stash May 20, 2018

To make up for all the weeks where nothing changed, everything changed this week.
Fabric out for the RWB trip around the world back and binding 4.5 yards.
I behaved myself at the guild fabric sale. I added a couple cuts of red to fill in gaps in my stash, a bamboo bat, zippers and tracing paper. My tracing paper mildewed and I had to throw it away. I also added a pattern at the thrift. Those items are on the left.
fabric sale haulI picked up another Crab Apple Hill pattern off the free table at guild. My friend picked up the blue fabric at the sale and thought it really looked like me and threw it in my bag when we got out to the car. These items are on the right.
I’m still have positive usage and I didn’t adopt any more orphans, so I’m happy.
Fabric In: 5.25 yards
Fabric Out: 9 yards
Net Fabric Used: 3.75 yards
Quilt & embroidery spending: $110

How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA
2 MartiDIY
3 Chrisknits
4 maggie f
5 Aileen K
6 Desertsuz

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The Big Push

I’ve been quiet here on the blog, not because I haven’t been sewing, but because I’ve been pushing to finish the Safehouse quilt.  I still couldn’t get the colors right in the picture.  The light squares are more white than yellow.  The upper right corner is the closest to actual.
RWB trip around the worldI sewed the last of the binding and threw it in the wash last night. I sewed on the label tonight. It’s already loaded in the car to take to guild tomorrow.
The quilt doesn’t look big in the picture, but it’s 67 x 85. That’s the largest quilt I ever quilted on my home machine.
With that out of the way I can get back to working on other projects.

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Sunday Stash May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Hope you get to relax and enjoy your day.
No fabric in or out and no money spent this week.
I basted the Safehouse quilt and will start quilting it today. I’d like to have it done this week so I can take it to guild next weekend. It’s the largest quilt I’ve ever quilted myself and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to get it done. It really would be nice to get it out of here.
I’d love to have more usage before the fabric sale next week too.
Fabric In: 2.5 yards
Fabric Out: 4.5 yards
Net Fabric Used: 2 yards
Quilt & embroidery spending: $95

How did you do this week?

1 Chrisknits
2 MartiDIY
3 Kate
4 Meloney
5 Angie in Socal
6 Aileen K
7 Quilting Gail

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Ideas Into Form #2

In the last post we left off with the idea of a table runner using these fabrics.
spring scrap bagI’ve had the idea to use motifs from Portraits From Nature by Jean Wells for a while now, but I knew I didn’t want to use the motifs in the way she did in the book.
I started by cutting a piece of drafting paper to the finished size of the quilt. Then I started tracing flower motifs onto golden threads paper. I traced the flowers separate from the stems and leaves to give myself more options. I taped the motifs to the drafting paper with painter’s tape because I could move them around easily. I also used motifs from The Applique Pattern Book Volume I by Barb Bolesta and Favorite Butterflies by Jan Sovak. A few hand draw images are also included.
runner pattern
The finished quilt may not look exactly like this, but this is my pattern for now.
I have not used this design method before. I really liked the ease of moving the flowers and leaves around and adding and subtracting motifs. I’ll decide after I finish the quilt if I want to design this way again.
The next step, choosing fabrics, is currently in process.

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