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Gluten Free And Other Updates

I few weeks ago I posted about gluten free breakfast and my inability to find Chex instant oatmeal at the store. I emailed the nice people at General Mills, and they confirmed they took it off the market. Last weekend … Continue reading

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Roof View

I just spent two long days hanging out with mom in the hospital. She went in for testing so the doctor could determine if anything was so wrong that it needed fixed right now. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. She … Continue reading

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Crazy Week, Quiet Stitching

I don’t know how one little old lady can cause so much craziness, but mom had her moments this week. I had more than one day with multiple calls from the nursing care facility. Mom came down with a bit … Continue reading

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Showing Up

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that it feels like you’re being swept down a raging river. Once you wash up on shore you wonder what, exactly, just happened. The past three years of my life have been … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Granola Stuff

The number of gluten free products in regular grocery stores has exploded. I may not be quilting, but I’m definitely eating. Many new items made it into my pantry to stay. I love things that crunch, but I can only … Continue reading

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Dropping Yogurt, Adding Oatmeal

I’m outdoing myself on the new foods lately. After trying and not liking the soy yogurt, I switched to coconut milk yogurt. I liked that even less. It has an underlying tang to it that doesn’t appeal to me. I … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Granola And Soy Yogurt

I’m on a roll trying new specialty foods. The headaches got out of control and I had to get serious about eliminating milk and gluten from my diet. My reaction to milk worsened over the past year to the point … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Pretzels

I haven’t done a gluten free food review in forever. I am still trying new products and need to get back to posting about them. I found these pretzels at the store a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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A Challenging Week

I wish I had crazy creative pictures of quilts to post, but I’ve spent the week at the hospital. The hardware holding mom’s leg together broke. She didn’t even fall, the metal just snapped. Who’da thought? And since we can’t … Continue reading

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March A Lovely Year Of Finishes & Short List

I’ve decided to pretend February never happened.  Between mom spending two weeks in the hospital and hubby hurting his back I didn’t get anything done.  I have big hopes for March.  NOTHING lasts forever.  The accidents and illnesses WILL stop. … Continue reading

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