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July Short List

I completed one item on the June short list.  I can live with that since I finished some non-quilting projects that I’ve wanted to get done for a long time.  I find my quilting goes better when the other areas … Continue reading

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May Short List

I can hardly believe another month has passed. How can the days go by so fast? Seems like I blink my eyes and we’re in the middle of the next big thing. And so it goes. I finished two of … Continue reading

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The Last Stitch

The final stitch went into the embroidery piece last night.   The kit included these cheap plastic beads.   I like the black ones OK.  For some reason they don’t look as plastic-y as the aqua beads.  So the black … Continue reading

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Embroidery/UFO Update

I didn’t work on the July UFO at all this month.  Instead I focused on the June UFO, the embroidered picture.  I probably should have pressed it so it wouldn’t look so wrinkled.    I made a lot of progress … Continue reading

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Sunday Already?

This week passed in a blur.  The project at work has me there 11 to 12 hours a day.  I come home and eat, exercise so I don’t explode from the stress, and sleep. I did no sewing last week, … Continue reading

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May Embroidery Update

It was one of those weeks last week.  All I wanted to do was sit and stitch, outside if possible.   I’m coming up on the home stretch.  One more move of the hoop should do it. I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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April Embroidery Update

I can’t remember the last time I posted my progress, so it must be long overdue.   I’d be doing the project a favor if I would release the hoop after I’m done working on it for the day.  The … Continue reading

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Another Trying Week

After finally getting my son healthy and back to school I either caught his crud or had a major allergy event.  I’m going with allergies because I never felt bad, except for the day I took OTC allergy medicine.  I … Continue reading

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An Embroidery Kind Of Week

We all have weeks like this.  Sick kid, multiple doctor visits, crazy busy at work, sleep interrupted, meals missed, schedule trashed.  I’m ready for this week to be done so I can start over next week. When life throws the … Continue reading

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The weeks fly by so fast!  I can’t believe it’s time for another embroidery update.  Now that I’m doing some of the outline stitching, I like it much better.  It makes a big difference.   The bathroom is coming along.  … Continue reading

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