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Sunday Stash November 13, 2022

No change in the numbers. My library had a book sale this week, and I picked up a couple quilting books. I already own a few quilt as you go books, but I like this one better. If remember right, … Continue reading

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Birthday Books

I had a birthday last month and treated myself to a bag of books from the library. They haven’t had a book sale in almost two years and decided to permanently set up tables with books for sale in lieu … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash September 16, 2018

No fabric in or out this week. I spent almost no time sewing or doing anything else creative. Work took yet another unfortunate turn. After this coming week, I’m hoping things will start moving in the right direction. I did … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Readjusting

No fabric bought or used this week. I went to one quilt shop on the road, but it was small and everything was at least six or seven years old. I’ve never been to a shop that had nothing current, … Continue reading

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The Books And The Questions

The work continues here on the question of too much inspiration and the realization that I don’t put my heart in my quilts. To address the inspiration question, I started reading those all those books. I finished two so far. … Continue reading

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What If Wednesday: Too Much Inspiration

Some ideas come by a rather circular route. I started listening to a new-to-me podcast called The Minimalists. Very interesting stuff, although I have no plans to get rid of most my belongings. My family would, no doubt, revolt. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Nothing Much

It’s been one of those weeks around here. It’s been stinking hot for days, except for last Saturday. Otherwise, going outside feels like walking into a very humid oven. We’d had some plumbing issues that are more an inconvenience than … Continue reading

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Stash Report And An Epiphany

No fabric in or out this week. I finished a couple more BOM blocks and another bear block. I don’t count fabric out until the project is finished. Last night was a turning point on the BOM. I haven’t been … Continue reading

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What Makes It Modern?

I picked up this book at the library because it looked interesting, but the word “modern” in the title confused me. If I had to name the main technique in the book, I’d call it stack and slash. I’m not … Continue reading

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Gluten Free And Other Updates

I few weeks ago I posted about gluten free breakfast and my inability to find Chex instant oatmeal at the store. I emailed the nice people at General Mills, and they confirmed they took it off the market. Last weekend … Continue reading

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