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The Visual Dance: Color

I finished reading the color chapter ages ago and completed the exercises a few weeks ago. Only one exercise produced something. The directions were to pick two complimentary colors and mix them in different proportions to see what new colors … Continue reading

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July Short List and A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal

Another month. They come so quickly. Last month I finished my ALYoF quilt for a whopping one item off The Short List. I sewed so little in June that picking for July is harder than usual. I think I’ll go … Continue reading

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Visual Dance Update

After a long break, I’m back to working through The Visual Dance. The last shape exercise almost did me in. I had to cut up a picture like a puzzle and put it back together with gaps and overlaps. I … Continue reading

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Finished Series Quilt and Stash Report

I finished the second quilt in the “Squares” series, a bust of 1 3/8 yards. The quilt used a little more fabric than that, but I can even it out next time. This exercise came out of the book The … Continue reading

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Quilted Squares

Hell froze over yesterday and I finished quilting the second Squares quilt. I’m very happy with it.   I know the rule of thumb for quilting is to quilt curves on blocky quilts and straight lines on curvy quilts, but … Continue reading

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Back To Squares #2

I finally made it into the sewing room, but not long enough to finish anything. I’m just grateful I got in there at all. We had a school function last night that ate up hours of time. They are few … Continue reading

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Finished Quilt Made Of Squares Top

Permit boy became license boy yesterday.  I thought that permit would expire before he’d take the test.  When I was his age I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license.  License = Freedom.  That’s how I though of it.  Times … Continue reading

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Quilting 15 Minutes A Day

A few years ago I made a point to spend time quilting every day. Once I established the routine, I sewed closer to 1 hour a day and finished a lot more projects. Circumstances change over time, and I dropped … Continue reading

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Quilts Made Of Squares #2

  I finished the tulip quilt yesterday.  That’s a half yard out, one item off the Short List and a finish for my March Lovely Year of Finishes.  No fabric in this week.   That freed me up to start … Continue reading

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March A Lovely Year Of Finishes & Short List

I’ve decided to pretend February never happened.  Between mom spending two weeks in the hospital and hubby hurting his back I didn’t get anything done.  I have big hopes for March.  NOTHING lasts forever.  The accidents and illnesses WILL stop. … Continue reading

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