I planned to post about various quilting topics, but it feels too trivial now. 


I just got off the phone with my sister in San Diego.  Her and her husband, as well as their home, are safe.  At one point her home was entirely surrounded by fire, and they were evacuated for three very tense days.  This was a week they will never forget.


Please remember all those in Southern California in your thoughts and prayers.  Those that did not suffer material loss did not escape untouched.  Their friends, neighbors, and co-workers all have stories to tell and experienced their own losses.  Many are still without power and other basic services, or unable to return to their homes.


So tonight I’m sending coping and healing energies to all those affected by the fires.  My heart goes out to them for all they have been through, and the clean up yet to come.

Hang in there, sis.  I’ll especially be thinking about you.  

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