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July ALYoF And Vacation’s End

I spent the last days of vacation getting back into the normal routine and sewing as much as possible. I finished the FQ challenge quilt just in time. It was my July ALYoF goal and one of two quilts on … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 6: Roadtrip

A quilt shop about an hour from here had a tent sale, and my friend and I decided to make a day of it. We started at the sale. I had never seen anything like it. Fabric was priced at … Continue reading

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Staycation Days 4 And 5: Machines

The temperature soared into the 90s on Tuesday, making it a great day to set up the new machine and start sewing. The new machine handles a lot different than the old one. I had to make a lot of … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 3: Things With Motors

I started this day with sewing machine shopping. I have lived with only one machine forever. If it goes in the shop I don’t sew that week. If I’m quilting something I finish it before I piece something else because … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 2: Getting Organized

I listen to books on CD in the car and the current one explains how to organize your whole life in one year. Right. Now that I’m past the absurdity of the idea I can pick up some useful tips. … Continue reading

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Staycation Day 1: The Stash Takes A Hit

I’m on vacation this coming week. Between mom’s hospitalization, the cat getting sick and license boy being a teenager, we could not work out a trip to some fun exotic destination. It’s one thing to have someone pet sit, another … Continue reading

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Better Than Christmas

My local library has book sales every few months. Sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t. I don’t NEED more books, but I can’t stay away. Those sales are too much fun. Over the last month the library has cleaned … Continue reading

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A Whole Lot Of Nothing

It was one of those weeks where nothing happened in the sewing room. Fabric moved around and I picked pins up off the floor. I thought about sewing. Does that count? Nothing in or out. Rainy weather today will keep … Continue reading

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The Visual Dance: Color

I finished reading the color chapter ages ago and completed the exercises a few weeks ago. Only one exercise produced something. The directions were to pick two complimentary colors and mix them in different proportions to see what new colors … Continue reading

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Stash, Challenge And Time To Think

I finished up the challenge top last night……I think. From here it feels like it needs multi-colored binding using the fabrics in the quilt.   I don’t know what to think of this one. Is it me? Is it not … Continue reading

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