Piles Of Fabric And Stash

No change to my numbers this week even though a lot of fabric came into my house.

memory-quilt-fabricsA co-worker gave it to me to donate to my guild for charity quilts. His MIL, who died earlier this year, was a life-long clothing sewer.
It was such a nice gesture that the right thing to do is to make his wife a quilt out of the fabrics.
I think I’ve settled on a throw size scrappy pattern. When I looked online I was surprised at how many memory quilts are made out of squares and nothing else, usually with no planned pattern. I get it, but I want to do something different. Since I’m starting with yardage I have a little more flexibility.
Most wall quilts had pieces too small to showcase the fabrics.
It would be nice to have the top pieced before my next guild meeting so I can donate the fabric then. It takes quite a bit of space in my already overcrowded sewing room.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 7.7 yards
Fabric Out: 18.15 yards
Net Fabric Used: 10.45 yards

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August Short List

I made progress in July, but didn’t finish anything. One project needs to switch categories and another needs to go. With a big sigh I’m dropping the Abstract category. Maybe next year.
I did finish a UFO last month, but it wasn’t the one on the list.
For new readers, the Short List is something old (UFO), something new, something painted and a handwork project.
Something Old: The still life from the Esterita Austin class. I started quilting this one.

pottery-in-progressSomething new: I chose a sketch out of my idea notebook to make into a quilt. For lack of a better name, I refer to it as “the church quilt”. Long story, but the design has nothing to do with church or anything you’d find in a church. It’s just one of those weird things that makes sense to me.

Something else new: I finished all the Craftsy class appliqué blocks and sashed them. I just need to add the borders and quilt it.

sashed-applique-blocksYet one more new thing: A co-worker gave me four large bags of fabric to donate to my guild and I decided to make a wall hanging for his wife out of the fabric. Her mother passed away earlier this year and was a life-long sewer.
Painting/Dyeing: Layering color. I was inspired by the paintings of Gerhard Richter. I’m ready to baste this one.

paint-stik-on-paintHandwork: The Rose Hughes class project.

class-projectAlthough any progress would be good, a finish would be better. Two finishes would be awesome. The New category is a little crowded, which means I probably won’t replace anything I finish in any other category until I’m back to one New project.
Those may be famous last words.

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Rose Hughes Class

Last Friday I took a class with Rose Hughes on adding hand stitching to quilts to give them texture and dimension.
We all started practice pieces to experiment with color and stitches. It’s amazing how little hand stitching you get done in a six-hour class.

class-projectI’m not sure where I’m heading with this piece but it feels like somewhere I haven’t been before. That’s always a little exciting and scary, in a good way. If nothing else, I now look at quilts and embellishment differently.
At Art Quilt Group last night someone brought the most recent Quilting Arts magazine. Hand embroidery on art quilts looks to be all the rage based on the quilts in that issue. I’ve probably seen it for years and never really noticed it. Like so many things in life, it got lost in all the background noise.
Of course, once you open your mind to one possibility, many others appear. So goes it this week with opportunities to create flowing my way. More on that Friday when I post the August Short List.

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A Flurry Of Stash Activity

This week makes up for all the weeks when nothing came in or out.
I used 5.25 yards for the donation top shown in my last post.
Thursday a local quilt shop had a tent sale. The sale fabrics didn’t appeal, lots of florals and dark colors. They had books, patterns, DVDs and scraps on a table for $3 a pound. I picked up two patterns and a book and my friend added five more patterns to fill our pound. I bought one yard of fabric inside the shop to use with the deer pattern.

tent-sale-buysSaturday I had an all day class through my guild. The organizers made goodie bags for all the students that included water, chocolate, a pattern and a fat quarter. I gave my fabric to my friend because I knew I’d never use it.
During class my friend gave me a couple of fat quarters because I didn’t quite have what I needed. Isn’t that always the way with classes?
I’ll talk about the class in a separate post.
Through all of that I did come out ahead. I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 7.7 yards
Fabric Out: 18.15 yards
Net Fabric Used: 10.45 yards

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Not By The List

Last night I finished up the top I call Joan’s Garden.joans-garden-top

This wasn’t the UFO on the July Short List, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It only needed twenty minutes of my time. I kept thinking I should finish it and send it out for quilting.
I thought about it some more. I like the top, but I don’t have a use for it. It would be one more finished quilt stacked on the twin bed that needed moved when a guest spent the night.
One quilt on a bed is charming. Five quilts is too much.
I decided to donate it to my guild for the battered women’s shelter. The quilt is 85 x 60, perfect for a twin bed. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.
That’s one more UFO finished and a bust for Sunday’s stash report.
I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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What If Wednesday – Coloring Book Copyrights

What if I based a quilt pattern on a line drawing in a coloring book?
This is not a new concept. I used coloring book shapes for the appliqués on this quilt almost 15 years ago.

christmas-quiltBut then I got to wondering if coloring books were copyrighted. They are. On further review I learned that before 1964, copyrights only lasted 28 years. On expiration, they could be renewed for another 67 years. Items copyrighted from 1964 through 1978 automatically renewed.
The more important question is whether or not there’s anyone alive that cares.
When I cleaned out mom’s house I found some of my old Christmas coloring books from the 1960s. Many shapes, like candy canes, would be considered general use. Others, not so much.
As I look back in my own life, I don’t remember much of anything I drew except for a couple school projects and one picture that got published through a twist of fate. Go figure. I doubt an elderly artist remembers every Christmas stocking or fireplace he drew for a coloring book.
So will I use my old coloring books as a basis for new quilts? You bet. Will I publish those patterns and call them my own? I think not. If I felt driven to publish something I would do a lot more research, both to protect myself and out of respect for those that came before me.
Who knows? Those coloring books and crayons may have started me down the road to fabric paints and paintstiks.

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Stash Report And Guild Garage Sale

I’m proud that I did not buy any fabric this week, as yesterday was my guild’s garage sale. You have to pick your poison at such events, and I hit the book tables first where I picked up Fractured Landscape Quilts by Katie Pasquini Masopust and Hearts Aplenty by Linda Milligan and Nancy Smith.
I’m especially pleased to have snagged the Fractured Landscapes book. The other book isn’t my usual style, but there were a few designs that caught my interest.

quilting-booksI hadn’t planned on selling anything but changed my mind at the last minute. I took 3.75 yards of novelty prints which all sold. Some came in through bulk purchases and others I purchased for specific projects that never happened. I doubt I would have ever used them. Next year I’ll have to get my act together and take in more items. It felt really good to let that fabric go.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 5.95 yards
Fabric Out: 12.65 yards
Net Fabric Used: 6.7 yards

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