Stash Report And Poking At Things

No fabric in or out this week.
I’ve been poking around on several different projects. I appliquéd outside yesterday. The weather was perfect, not too hot and a light breeze. We haven’t seen many days like that this year.
I also auditioned threads for the Still Life quilt. A trip to Joann’s tomorrow should take care of what I need.
I decided to take Paint Stiks to the layered paint piece. I bought some new colors last weekend and want to try them out. That’s on today’s agenda.
I also decided on the “something new” quilt for the June Short List. The idea came from a dream, something that has only happened a couple times since I started quilting. I sketched it out back in 2008 and did nothing with it. Its time has come and I’m messing around with overall design, patterns and size. Keep in mind this is an extremely rough sketch. The quilting fairies do not give me all the details. They just plant the seed of an idea to see how it will grow.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 4.7 yards
Fabric Out: 8.9 yards
Net Fabric Used: 4.2 yards

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A Finish And A Start

Another tough sewing week. Work took up extra time, which cut into my creative time. That’s the way life rolls.
I did finish the first appliqué block and started the second.

first-two-flower-blocksI had to re-watch the Craftsy lesson to remember how to do the “cleavage”, the inside angle at the top of the heart. I thought it came out better than it would have before I took the class.
It’s a long holiday weekend here in the US, which I hope translates into more quilty time. That coupled with all the errands I need to run means one busy weekend. As long as I’m home it’s all good.

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The Secret Life Of Procrastination

I had a lightbulb moment this weekend.
I realized that every situation in my life that makes me crazy or weighs me down I created through procrastination. Every. Single. One.
I’m self-aware enough to have realized this while I created most of them. In a few cases there were some other factors at work not completely within my control, but for the most part it was all me.
How humbling.
I like to think I learn from my mistakes. So why in the world did I do this to myself?
Everyone procrastinates for different reasons. It wasn’t that hard to figure out mine. The two biggest factors for me are time and difficulty. I’ve lived long enough to have a good idea how long it takes me to do things. I get breaking down a big job into numerous little jobs, but some activities don’t lend themselves to that. For those projects, I won’t start if I know I don’t have enough time to get to the next best stopping point. I also drag my feet starting projects that I don’t have enough knowledge or skill to complete. It’s like slogging through mud to get it done.
The next biggest cause is dislike. If it’s something I don’t enjoy and really don’t want to do, I can put it off for a very long time.
After that the reasons vary by project.
I believe most of my UFOs got stalled at the difficulty stage. At work the time factor gives me the most grief. At home the dislike factor causes the most delays. Running errands and shopping for household items….boring.
I’ve made a real effort these past few months to deal with things as they come up and chip away at the backlog. Some days I do better than others. My personal productivity is directly related to whether or not I get enough sleep, and I try to go to bed early every few days to keep me honest.
I don’t have much of a method beyond The Short List. Just owning up to it all and taking responsibility for it seems to keep me motivated.
What do you do to overcome procrastination?

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Stash Report And Meeting Day

It was THAT weekend again.
My guild met Saturday and had their every other year book sale. They sell off little used books from the guild library for $1 each. I picked up five books, although I might not keep them all. At $1 each I didn’t take a lot of time to look at them.
After that I scored some clearance priced art supplies from one of the vendors.
After lunch we went to our favorite thrift shop. The deal of the day was a leather desk chair for $7.50. I also picked up a little less than a yard of a Moda marble and another book.

quilt-book-saleI think I have two of Charlotte Warr Anderson’s books now. That may be a category of its own on a future Short List.
For all the stuff I brought home, the stash report damage was minimal. The bookshelf is another story.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 4.7 yards
Fabric Out: 8.9 yards
Net Fabric Used: 4.2 yards

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An Almost Appliqué Block

I finished all the petals but didn’t get the center stitched. You can see my basting threads hanging out at the top of the flower.

applique-daisyIt was one of those weeks where things did not go according to plan. I had a bad headache night that put me in bed at 7:00pm. One night I left work late thanks to 18 security updates. I have to take my laptop with me so no interrupting the cycle. Bad things happen when updates partially load.
I spent the other nights catching up from the 7:00 night. This weekend couldn’t come fast enough.
Here’s wishing you a quilty weekend.

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Idea Notebooks And Inspiration Files

Do you keep an idea notebook? How about an inspiration file?
For me these are totally different things. An idea notebook is a place to write down ideas, concepts and techniques. It’s the place where I “what if” the common into something I haven’t seen before. It’s also a place to take something I’ve seen a few steps further.
My inspiration file is where I keep pictures, cards and sketches that intrigue me. Although many of the images are quilts, some are not. The quilts are not ones I want to make. Usually one aspect of the image catches my attention. It may be a color combination or a pattern. Sometimes it’s an unexpected use of a familiar shape, like a heart, or the mixing of shapes not often seen together. Almost anything can end up here.
From left to right: my idea notebook, my inspiration files and my inspiration album. The photo slots in the album are the perfect size to hold clippings from catalogs and magazines. I always keep enough of the print to identify the artist and fold it behind the picture.

inspiration-filesI don’t keep files like this for any other area of my life. Maybe that’s something to work on going forward. I’ve heard of keeping idea files for home decorating and children’s activities, as well as travel. I like the travel idea. I’m past the point of entertaining license boy and not yet to the grandma phase, so no child file for me.
A recipe file might be a good one too. I’m forever finding recipes I want to try and then forgetting where I saw them.
So why all the focus on ideas and inspiration? I’ve been reviewing my idea notebook the last few nights looking for the next “new” thing to hit The Short List. The need to move one of those ideas into form is an idea that won’t go away. It must be done.
I’ll let you know what I decide.

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Stash Report And Charity Finish

I whipped out this quilt top for Heartbeat yesterday.

heartbeat-topMy guilds don’t support this charity, but my friend’s guild does. They have a system in place for tying and binding these quilts so I only needed to piece the top.
I didn’t use a pattern. The quilt takes three half yards of fabric and you can finish it in a few hours.  The squares finish at 5 1/4 inches.
No fabric in this week goes without saying. I’m beginning to wonder how many projects I can finish without buying more fabric. I’m not sure I want to know the answer.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 3.8 yards
Fabric Out: 8.9 yards
Net Fabric Used: 5.125 yards

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