Sunday Stash June 25, 2017

No fabric in or out this week. I don’t think I even turned on my sewing machine all week.

I spent yesterday afternoon at an organizational meeting for a small group that is an offshoot of The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild. The purpose of the group is to make quilts for the guild’s charity, Safehouse, which is a battered women’s shelter. The Guild itself is quite large, which makes it hard to get to know people. There has been a push this year to start more small groups because many of the ones in existence won’t take new members.

Our group started out with a box of stash that the Guild donated, and everyone took some home to start making blocks. This fabric isn’t going in my numbers because it isn’t mine. Whatever I don’t use will go back to the group.

I am particularly fond of the bunny fabric. I need to figure out a way to use it so I don’t have a bunch of headless bunny butts scattered across the quilt.

Fabric In: 24.875 yards

Fabric out: 15.25 yards

Net Fabric Added: 9.625 yards

How did you do this week?

1. Julie in GA
2. Shauna
3. Kate
4. Teresa Quilts

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What I Learned This Week When I Wasn’t Quilting

One: I have some seriously ugly scraps that I need to use up and get out of here. Some of the colors aren’t to my taste anymore. Once I combine them with other fabrics I expect they will look fine.
Two: I cannot work on designing two creative projects at the same time. I need a certain amount of continuity to develop an idea. Switching back and forth just frustrates me.
Three: I need to start forcing myself to go in the sewing room every night again. June totally got away from me. How could July be less than a week away? There isn’t anything going on that is keeping me out of the sewing room, I’ve just been letting the nights get away from me.
And that’s about enough insight for one week.

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Sunday Stash June18, 2017

I got myself in the sewing room yesterday and finished piecing the runner. I also cut backing and batting, but didn’t get it basted.

I plan to get it done this week for a bust next week.

No fabric in this week. I see the sale ads, but can’t think of anything I could possible need.

Fabric In: 24.875 yards

Fabric out: 15.25 yards

Net Fabric Added: 9.625 yards

A few administrative notes……

For some reason all the comments aren’t getting emailed to me right now and I missed a few last week. I can see them on the blog dashboard and will try to keep an eye out for those.

Also, the linky closed early last week in error. I put in a date and time to close entries, but it closed quite a bit earlier than that. This week I’ll set the close farther out to make sure it stays open for three days. These days I feel like I work around technology more than I work with it.

So how did you do last week?

1. Kate
2. Julie in GA
3. Meloney
4. Jan O
5. Quiltin Jenny
6. Shauna
7. Angie in SoCal
8. Quiltin Jenny (2)
9. katie z
10. Quilting Gail
11. Susan in TN

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A Quick Check In

The week got away from me and I never did post anything.
Work has been especially draining and frustrating lately, and when I get home at night I haven’t felt like doing anything creative. Ironically, I think that’s when it’s most important to do something you love to keep things in perspective.
I’ve done some reading on making fabric collage, which is something that caught my eye a month or two ago. I’ve never had any art training and can’t seem to get my mind around how to put together abstract design. It will never be my “thing”, but sometimes it’s nice to move out of your comfort zone and try something new just to see what happens.
The collage book finally came in at the library, and I’ve been looking at that. I also checked out a book on abstract painting, thinking that the exercises in a different medium might provide insight without limiting me to a specific construction method.

I’m determined to get in the sewing room today for something more than ironing clothes. There are projects to finish and fabric to use.

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Sunday Stash June 11, 2017

No fabric in or out this week.
I made a few more churn dash blocks, up to four now.

I haven’t settled on the final runner design yet. I know I have more than one block left to make in me, but I don’t have six more. The final tally will be somewhere in between.
Fabric In: 24.875 yards
Fabric out: 15.25 yards
Net Fabric Added: 9.625 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Kate
2. Meloney
3. Julie in GA
4. Shauna
5. Angie in SoCal
6. Quilting Gail

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Chunky Churn Dash

I saw this quilt at the show last weekend and was smitten.  It was part of the silent auction.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what made the blocks different. The middle pieces are half the size of the corners.
I really liked the look, so I sewed up a few. They will finish at 6.25 inches.

These will go into the runner instead of the other variation of the churn dash block. The finished runner won’t resemble the Butter & Eggs pattern at all. I just don’t have the pattern following gene.
Except for the background fabric, I’m using scraps to make the blocks. These 1930 repro fabrics have been hanging around for years.
I’m linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

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Sunday Stash June 4, 2017

No fabric in this week.
I drove up to the Cameo Quilters show near Detroit Saturday. I like to go to nearby shows to see the different patterns and fabrics. I find it interesting that quilters an hour or so away from me have access to different shops and therefore make very different quilts.
There were a surprising number of vendors for a show that size. I thought there was a nice mix of quilts. The show even had a special exhibit and a wall of challenge quilts.
The venue was nice and now that I’ve driven it once I see it isn’t hard to find. My GPS may not agree since it sent us cruising a nearby residential neighborhood. Thankfully it was a decent area.
Four yards of fabric out with the Bricks finish.
Fabric In: 24.875 yards
Fabric out: 15.25 yards
Net Fabric Added: 9.625 yards
Based on the response so far, I’ve already decided to continue the Sunday Stash linky indefinitely. As long as everyone can live with the delay between when you link and when the link shows, there is enough interest to keep it going. Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement.

 1. Kate
2. Meloney
3. Charlene S.
4. Julie in GA
5. Shauna
6. Melanie
7. Jan O
8. Susan in TN

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