Sunday Stash February 17, 2019

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions on how to organize and declutter my sewing space. Everyone had such good ideas. I started working on it yesterday and will post more about that later. With a few small changes I find it easier to spend time there.
Hopefully that will start translating into some fabric usage.
Work continues on the Hand Pieced QAL blocks. I now have room to start stitching together my Creative Play piece. With snow in the forecast today, it will be a good day to stay home and sew.
Fabric Added: 0
Fabric Used: 0
How did you do this week?

1 maggie f
2 Julie in GA
3 Kate
4 Marti
5 Meloney
6 Chrisknits
7 Quilting Gail

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The Creativity Killer

I haven’t been posting because I haven’t been sewing. There’s a reason for that. My sewing room is so cluttered and full that I can’t work in there. Every time I want to cut fabric, I have to move a bunch of things. To sew what I’ve just cut I have to move the same things again.
It’s frustrating, even though I know I’m the one that caused it. It’s a creativity killer.
This weekend I will either have to relocate part of my sewing room to another room in the house or get rid of things. Or both.
While I’ve been thinking about what to change, I’ve been hand sewing in the living room. I love hand work, so it hasn’t been a huge sacrifice, but I do miss using my sewing machine.
I’m envious of those of you that have lots of space to sew. If only….
I’m not brave enough to post pictures of the entire mess, but here’s a picture of the “guild corner”.
guild cornerMost of this is stored for my quilt guild. I’ll be able to move a lot of it out when I go to the March meeting. That weekend can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately, the rest of the room looks about the same.
I doubt I’m the only one with too much stuff and too little space. What creative storage solutions have you come up with for your quilting supplies?

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Sunday Stash February 10, 2019

From this point forward it goes without saying that my numbers haven’t changed.
I finished the first Hand Piecing QAL block yesterday.
hpqalblock1It took way longer than it should have. Stitching it at night in my recliner wasn’t working out. Yesterday I sat in my sewing room at my sewing table, and it went much better. I needed room to spread out and better lighting. I’ll cut the next block today and take it to work to stitch at lunch The penguins will stay home and become my evening project.
I’m not sold on hand piecing yet, but I admit this is the most accurate block I’ve ever sewn, without much effort to get it that way.
Fabric Added: 0
Fabric Used: 0
How did you do this week?

1 Kate
2 Meloney
3 Chrisknits
4 Marti
5 Mary-Kay
6 Quilting Gail
7 Patricia

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Sunday Stash February 3, 2019

Once again, no change to the numbers.
Yesterday I took time to watch a class on Improv Quilting by Sherri Lynn Wood on Creative Bug. I admit the way she constructs a quilt is way outside my comfort zone. Regardless, I plan to go in the sewing room and give it a try. Her instructions seemed simple enough, but I won’t know until I work through them.
That was my first watch on Creative Bug. I do appreciate that their classes are shorter than Craftsy as my free time is limited. I also liked that the class I watched was a technique class rather than a project class. I’m not a big fan of project classes. I think Creative Bug has potential to help me include creative play in my sewing time.
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What did you play with this week?

1 Chrisknits
2 maggie f
3 Kate
4 Meloney
5 Julie in GA
6 Marti
7 Jennifer in Indy
8 DesertSky Quilting
9 Angie
10 Quilting Gail

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February 2019 Short List

It’s that time again.
Last month I finished both the Old and New projects.
I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk. I’m not sure how that will impact what I get done this month. I find February and March to be difficult months, when all the gray and cold drag me down. I can see the appeal of wintering in the south.
The Short List includes something old (UFO), something new, a handwork project, and creative play/design. I started using this system in November 2014 to keep myself focused. I add and delete categories over time as my interests change.
Something Old – For lack of a better name, I’m calling this Bird Mosaic. I barely started it mid-2017 and it sat ever since.
mosaic birds
Something New – I decided to put the Hand Piecing QAL here. I started piecing the first block. I’m way behind already. My OMG is to be working on block 5 by the end of February.
hpqalb1 in process.jpg
Handwork – The cross stitch penguin. This is the only thing I’ve been working on consistently.penguins 2
Creative Play– I had the same technique on the list for three months and never tried it. That means it’s time to pick something else. I decided to try a Creative Bug class. I get a free membership through my library and want to take advantage of it while it lasts.
My lack of follow through on the Creative Play has been a source of frustration for me. When there is a lot of life going on, I find it hard to venture into new creative territory. My energy is focused elsewhere. Maybe this will be the month that changes.
I’m linking to Elm Street Quilts for my OMG.

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Plodding Along

This week has been all about staying put and staying warm. You’d think that would make it the best week ever for sewing, but it just makes me want to sleep. Progress is measured in baby steps these days, except the penguin.
penguins 2He doesn’t look like a creepy space alien anymore.
Maybe tonight I can mange some progress with fabric.

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Sunday Stash January 27, 2019

No change in the numbers. This is starting out as my most boring stash year ever.
It’s been a slow week in the sewing room. I cut the pieces for the HPQAL block, but didn’t start sewing them. I cleaned up the sewing room a bit yesterday and found more black and white fabric. Now it’s just embarrassing.
I pulled a UFO to work on. I don’t have much time in it, but I do want to finish it. If I remember right, the design needs a bit of adjustment. After that I’ll pull the rest of the fabrics. Sorry, the template didn’t photograph well.
mosaic bird templateFabric Added: 0
Fabric Used: 0
How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA
2 maggie f
3 Mary-Kay
4 Chrisknits
5 Meloney
6 Marti
7 Quilting Gail
8 Angie
9 michele
10 Patricia

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