The Slice Project

My Art Quilt Group decided to do one of those quilts where you take a photo and cut it into sections and each person makes a section. Then you put all the sections together to recreate the original photo. Clear as mud, right?
Here is my section and the complete photo. I have the top middle section.slice-quilt-picI may not start it until after Christmas. We have so many things going on in the next month, plus holiday events and prep. I find it hard to create when I can’t quiet my mind enough to hear myself think.
I do believe there will be paint involved, but I will not paint the entire section. I considered it. Somehow that felt too limiting, like too many possibilities would be ignored. This is a place to experiment.
A Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all who celebrate it. Here in the US it’s a day to give thanks, but I find expressing gratitude daily helps me keep my life in perspective. That, and quilting of course.

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Stash Report And A Gift Certificate

No fabric out this week.
I added four yards spending my gift certificate to a local quilt shop that expires December 31st. I looked at patterns, books and rulers, but nothing caught my eye. The shop has a distinctly modern feel, which is not my style. I’m not much of a traditional quilter either. I just couldn’t see myself getting much use out of the rulers.
Since I was shopping with no project in mind I stuck with black and white prints. They go with everything and they were on sale. It’ the third time I’v bought the middle fabric.


No Superbowl sales for me next year. This year would have gone well if not for the 25 yard Goodwill find (a purchase I’ll never regret).
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 36.95 yards
Fabric Out: 20.275 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 16.675 yards

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The Mind Wanders

I don’t even know where to start tonight. A lot of little bits going on, but nothing big.
I sewed the borders on the Christmas Tree embroidery quilt. It looks almost the same as the mock up so I didn’t bother with another picture. I also cut the batting and backing and started doodling possible quilting designs. I thought I’d have it basted last night, but it was an incredibly stressful day at work and I fell asleep at 7:45.
The memory quilt waits patiently for me to baste it. Maybe tomorrow.
In a somewhat related but not totally relevant thread, I am looking for good books on CD to listen to in the car or the sewing room. I gave up on Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. It never occurred to me that he would talk in depth about how a motorcycle engine works. My mistake.
I also checked out books about the art of Jane Hall and Annemieke Mein. There were a lot of insects in those books…..with furry bodies…..on quilts. Although I’m not insect phobic, the furry bodies gave me the creeps. Those went back to the library too.
My local quilt shop has a sale going this week. I plan to stop there during lunch tomorrow to see what damage I can do with my gift certificate. If I don’t have enough time to look I’ll have to stop again on Saturday. We’ll see what sparks my interest.
I hope it’s not fabric.

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Stash Report And Making Decisions

No fabric in or out this week. All the fabric for the top I finished came from the recipient.
I spent last night making decisions on the backing, quilting design and thread for the memory quilt. I haven’t worked out the binding yet. I want a good quality fabric for the binding, something with give and not too much bulk. I’ll look through the bag again, but I don’t think anything I have fits the bill. I may end up using my fabric instead. It’s really a substance over form decision, choosing durability over making the top entirely from the deceased’s fabrics.
I also picked a border fabric for my sister’s embroidered piece.  Here it is mocked-up on a bulletin board.

embroidery-mock-upI pulled out all my Christmas fabrics and auditioned at least a dozen. I had quite a few more than that, which is embarrassing because I have no plans to make a Christmas quilt. I just like Christmas fabric. The bad thing about buying that way is most of the fabrics don’t go together. There may be multiple Christmas quilts in my future.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 32.95 yards
Fabric Out: 20.275 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 12.675 yards

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Memory Top Done

First, my heart goes out to all the victims and families of the victims in France. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. There are unlimited positive ways to spend one’s time. I just don’t understand the need to destroy.
My response to all that was to finish the memory quilt top and create something.

memory-quilt-topThe border looks wonky, but I think it will flatten out when I baste. I used a stiff home dec fabric in the border in an attempt to control all the stretchy fabrics in the blocks. The two don’t entirely play well together.
I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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What If Wednesday: Pattern Possibilities

What if I change up the pattern used for the memory quilt?
Just to give credit where due, the original pattern is Almost Amish Scrap Quilt by Janet Jones Worley from the book Quilting For Busy Boomers.
Here’s what the memory quilt looks like, sans borders.

memory-quilt-rowsHere’s the first modification.

Memory change 1Here’s the second.

memory change 2I put a strip where the squares were and squares where some strips were. What a huge difference a few changes and a controlled palette makes.  I also used a 5 by 7 block set instead of a 3 by 4.
I don’t consider either of these patterns “done”. I would tweak them more before I made either, but I do like them better than the original quilt.
It had been so long since I played in EQ I had to think hard about how to do things. Based on how the time flew by, I’d been away too long.
It all comes back to that creative play, the place where the magic happens.

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Stash Report And Rows Finished

All the memory quilt blocks are done and sewn into rows. The top is growing on me but still not a favorite.

memory-quilt-rowsI have a stack of possible border, binding and backing fabrics set aside. Even if I don’t have it done before guild in a few weeks I can still donate most the remaining fabric.
I do like the pattern and see possibilities for using it again. It would make a great monochromatic quilt. I can also see how it would look very different based on color placement with a not so scrappy palette. If the squares were replaced with rectangles the piecing would go even faster. The possibilities are endless.
None of my own fabric used this week and no fabric in.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 32.95 yards
Fabric Out: 20.275 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 12.675 yards

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