October Scrap Progress And November Goals

I winced when I typed “November” because that means the holidays are coming fast. We’ve barely finished with summer here, which is unusual for this part of the country. The timing feels off.

Regardless, another month is almost upon us. I finished the market bag in October, but have not made progress on the Stitching To Dye piece.

market-bagI have five more days to work on it and I am confident I can get something done before the end of the month.

I also made a small mat that was not planned but used all scraps.

lpx1The Stitching To Dye piece is my first priority in November. I think my November creative play will also involve sewing with scraps.

I have to laugh ever time I finish a scrap quilt because the bins never get any emptier. I’m sure those scraps multiply when I’m not looking.

Check out Confessions Of A Fabric Addict for lots of great ideas for using scraps.

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Stash Report And Picking Stitches

No fabric bought or used this week.

I bound the Rose Hughes class pieces, but didn’t count it as done because the embroidery isn’t complete. I need to think up a better name for this quilt.

rh-boundI went through my stitch bible and picked out several stitches I want to use in the squares. Some I have not tried before, others are variations on stitches I know.

Today I’m starting the blocks for the next Stitching To Dye Quilt. My goal is a fabric out figure of at least 30 yards this year. I think that’s doable if I keep the projects moving.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 116 yards

Fabric out: 27 1/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 88 7/8 yards

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Book Experiment Round Five

Before I start talking about the books, I want to apologize if I offend anyone with this post. I read to relax, and have old-fashioned ideas about what is entertaining and what isn’t. My intent isn’t to judge what you find interesting or entertaining, but to share my experience in choosing random books. Enough said.

I finished The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan. The book was OK. The characters were interesting, but I could not describe this book as funny. I can’t imagine why that was on the book jacket. Maybe I just don’t get English humor.

After being totally underwhelmed, I went back to the library to choose the next book.

I really struggled this time. The first book I picked up was about the bloody murder of multiple children.   Uh, no.

Then I picked up a few that revolved around political turmoil. I don’t do politics, so those went back on the shelf.

Then I picked a book about a woman that regretted breaking up with a boyfriend over 15 years ago, so she has a fling with him. She gets pregnant and isn’t sure if it’s his or her husband’s. I cringed and put it back. This, to me, is not entertaining.   I wouldn’t have read very far before I gave up the ghost.

After that, more politics.

I finally settled on this book, which had no description of the plot on the book jacket.

bearI figured there was a bear in the book, although I considered it could be about a person or pet nicknamed “Bear”.

I debated reading it without knowing more, but my curiosity got the better of me. Here is the direct quote from Wikipedia: “The story tells of a lonely librarian in northern Ontario who enters into a sexual relationship with a bear.”
OK then.

Now I have a new dilemma. Do I read it or not?

Not reading it defeats the purpose of the experiment. Reading it may create images in my mind best left elsewhere. What’s been seen, or read in this case, can’t be unseen.

I will have to think about it. If anyone has read this book, I would love your input. Perhaps it isn’t quite as it appears.

For the next round of this experiment, I am moving out of the hardcover fiction section of the library. My choices have been mediocre and the bear story threw me. It’s time to mix it up a bit.


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A Different Way Of Doing

A nagging little injury took me away from exercise and yoga this week and forced me to sit down and rest instead. It freed up a big chunk of time that I needed to fill with something positive to keep it from being a wasted week.

First I quilted the Rose Hughes class piece, made the binding and then the sleeve.

rh-quiltedThere’s a whole lot of unraveling going on here. Finishing the embroidery means handling it for several weeks. I figured binding it now is the way to go.

Then I sorted my neutral scraps and pulled some for the next Stitching To Dye (S2D) piece. After that I finished reading Liberated Quiltmaking and came up with my own method for making the blocks in the next S2D quilt. It took me a while to get my mind around that one. Old ways are hard to change. New methods feel awkward and uncomfortable. No way will that stop me, but I needed to think it through so I didn’t frustrate myself.

I also finished a book and caught up the laundry and a lot of small tasks.

And that, my friends, is how you turn a stupid move into a creative windfall.

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Stash Report And Getting It Done

I just couldn’t take it anymore. Yesterday I finished the Market Bag because I didn’t want to have to think about it another day.

market-bagI like the finished product, but I will never make this bag again. I made it harder than it needed to be by picking it up and then setting it aside so many times. The pattern had some issues, which didn’t help. Sorry Fig Tree, love your fabrics, patterns and kits, but this one tried my patience. I even broke two needles making this bag.

On the plus side, I learned a new quilting design and I think my free motion skills are improving.  This is my third Short List finish this month.

No fabric in this week. I don’t think much about buying fabric or even looking at it when I’m out. I have plenty to keep me busy.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 116 yards

Fabric out: 27 1/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 88 7/8 yards

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The Other Side

So far this week hasn’t been very productive. I quilted the other side of the Market Bag, which went better and faster than the first side. I even trimmed away the extra backing and batting. I took a picture of the back because the quilting shows better.

market-bag-backI don’t have that much more to do, just been busy with other things. Sad that an afternoon bag project turned into a three-month event.

I thought I wanted to start a new project (not on The Short List) and pulled out a bunch of fabric. Then I decided I didn’t like the colors together and should finish some of what I already started, and put it all back. That was probably for the best. Then I thought about a pattern I saved for a Christmas table runner that I can’t find anywhere. I know I kept it.

The scary thing is that I’m more organized than I was a couple months ago.

Update: I found the pattern hiding in a magazine in the Treasure Basket.

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Stash Report And Liberated Play

No fabric in this week.
I finished up the liberated piecing blocks by putting them together in a small quilt the size of a placemat. This piece is my creative play for the month.

lpx1I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll live long enough to make all the mistakes I need to make in quilting. Every project teaches me how much I don’t know, and this project was no exception.
I thought about making it bigger, but I didn’t have more of the blue fabric. That came in a scrap bag pre-cut into rectangles.
It didn’t quite turn out like I expected. That is, no doubt, the beauty of liberated piecing. My mind hasn’t quite caught up to the fact that I am using a very different style to create these days. It will get there in time.
I used the pillowcase method to finish it. I never think it looks as nice as binding and won’t do that again.
I also misjudged the quilting and then tried to compensate by changing the scale to something that didn’t flow naturally for me. I ended up with wonky curves instead of smooth ones. This piece is destined to keep a clay dish from scratching wood furniture, so I can live with it. If I had rethought the quilting I would have run out of thread. I guess it all worked out after all.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 116 yards
Fabric out: 25 1/2 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 90 1/2 yards

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