Stash Report And The Rest Of It

No fabric added or used this week. I went to Joann’s for thread and also bought a couple purse patterns for $1 each. I looked for the solid homespun, but they only had a few bolts that were all plaids. Just as well.

And since I never posted the bulk of the fabric I bought last weekend….

guild-sale-fabricIt looks a little worse than it is because most the fabrics in the middle are small pieces, a half yard or less.

My favorite find is the kimono silk on the right. I bought a yard of that to use in art quilts. I love the birds on it, and kimono silk just glows when you paint it.

I’m quilting the tumbler top, with hopes of a finish to bring down the numbers soon.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 70 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 8 5/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 61.75 yards

Yarn In: 21 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 379 yds

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Reaching A Happy Place

Here in the U.S. it’s the beginning of a holiday weekend. I took a vacation day to give myself a four day weekend. I wanted some extra time to work on my quilty projects and  some of the endless house projects that I can never get to after work.

I made the February BOM blocks my first priority in the sewing room. The March, April and May blocks are finished. January will be a project for another day.

I wasn’t sold on my fabric choices, so I sewed up one block to make sure I liked them. I even remembered to plan how I pressed the seams so they would nest.

bom-februaryThis is my favorite block so far and the first one I enjoyed sewing.  Only 13 more to go.

The narrow start points are paper pieced. I did a lot of paper piecing early in my quilting life, but not much in the last ten years. I had to review this book to refresh my memory.

paper-piecing-the-seasonsIt’s clear after reading the how-to chapter that I never read it ten years ago. That would have made life a lot easier. This time I bought an Add-A-Quarter ruler too. I can’t believe I ever paper pieced without one.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the right tool to make the job easier.

I also got the top third of the tumbler quilt basted. I’m quilting that one in chunks.

I haven’t had this productive of a day since the last time I took vacation.

I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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May Scrap Progress

May was a two steps forward and one step back scrap month.

I used scraps to make this leaf block

leaf-block-1and this leaf block that looks more like a tree block.

leaf-block-2But then I bought these scraps of cat fabric. There are enough rectangles in the bag to make THREE quilts. Yikes!

cat-quilt-kitMy goal for May was to make a baby quilt, or at least get a good start on one, for a couple having their first child.

Not all plans are meant to be. The couple lost their baby very late in the pregnancy. Although these things happen, they are hard to understand and devastating to everyone. My heart goes out to them and I think of them often. That scrap project will be saved for another day.

You can see all the other progress reports at Confessions Of A Fabric Addict.

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Stash Explosion

I knew it was coming because yesterday was my guild’s fabric sale. This is the third one they’ve had since I joined and by far the largest. A former member passed away and her family donated her entire stash of 50 boxes of fabric.

The total damage was 30 yards in. I got a little surprise with a bag of what I thought was cat fabric scraps. They were so cute I had to grab them. It was actually the first thing I picked up.

I didn’t open the bag until I got home and I was surprised to find it was a quilt all kitted up with completed blocks and the pattern picture.

cat-quilt-kitI wish I had known that at the time so I could have looked for the background fabric. Lesson learned.

After the massive fabric infusion I had no business looking at fabric at the thrift shop. I picked up a pack of embroidery patterns, a bit of yarn for art quilts and the exact floss I needed for my bear blocks. Good to know that I can find the older floss at the thrift.

The pattern pack was all taped up, but I took a chance anyway. There were three sets of block patterns for different embroidered quilts and several quilt patterns. The embroidery patterns are different from everything else I have and I’m so glad I bought them. They make a nice addition to my pattern stash.

embroidery-pattern-packI’ll post pictures of the fabric add later this week.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 70 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 8 5/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 61.75 yards

Yarn In: 21 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 379 yds

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The Thought Of A Leaf

I’d love to report I finished something, but it was one of those work weeks that got the best of me. I’m always amazed when multiple projects hit crisis at the same time. It’s a little like the kids getting sick, the car breaking down, the roof leaking and losing your keys all in the same week. It’s best to just hold on and ride the wave of chaos until you get to shore.

As much as I wanted to sew the next leaf block, I didn’t get past pulling out some scraps and ironing out all the wrinkles.

leaf-2-fabricsMaybe I didn’t iron out as many wrinkles as I thought.

Tomorrow is my guild day and the possibility exists that the stash may take another large hit. No guilt on that after the week from hell. The next few weeks will require either a lot of sewing or a lot of dark chocolate….or both.

Just not at the same time.

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Creative Play With Leaves

A while back I posted about this book.

German-quilt-bookI checked it out of the library and renewed it when it came due. I think I can renew it one more time before I have to give it up. I may need to buy this one.
I like so many of the projects in this book. I didn’t want to start a big quilt though, so I made a leaf block instead.

leaf-block-1The authors call it a tree block, but it looks more like a leaf to me. There is no pattern, just general cutting instructions. I still need to sew triangles in the corner to turn the block into a rectangle, but didn’t want to do that until I decided how I want to use the blocks.
The main fabric is a hand painted scrap from years gone by. It looks like I either twisted it or wrapped it around something to create texture.
I plan to experiment more with this block. The next one will use fabric pieced from scraps. The block may not look very big, but you start with a 10 x 6 rectangle plus a narrow strip the width of the fabric. The brown came out of the scrap bin.
Lots of possibilities with this one.

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Stash Report And The Block From Hell

I finished one of the two May blocks for the BOM. I don’t count anything out until the quilt is finished.

bom-mayI keep forgetting to pay attention to how the seams fall when I press, so there were a whole lot of not nesting seams on this one. It makes it very hard to get the points to match. The second block will be better because I will re-press as many seams as I can before I start sewing the units together.

I’m questioning my sanity on this project. If I didn’t want to make a quilt in neutrals so bad, I’d probably abandon it.

I keep reminding myself how nice the quilt will look when it’s finished.

No fabric in this week. Next week is my guild’s fabric sale and the numbers will no doubt take another hit.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 40 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 8 5/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 31.75 yards

Yarn In: 15 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 385 yds

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