Butterflies Away

I finished two more pillowcases to drop at the quilt shop this weekend.
butterfly pillowcases
I bought almost a whole bolt of the butterfly fabric three or four years ago to use for quilt backs. It was super cheap and went with everything. I don’t know how many quilts I backed with that fabric, but I used the last of it in the pillowcases. I’m just glad it’s finally gone.
It left a big empty spot in my stash drawer.
The next project on The Short List is the surface design round robin piece. It’s time for something fun.

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Sunday Stash November 12, 2017

No fabric in this week.
I finished the cat quilt, but I made the back large enough for the longarm, which didn’t happen. Some fabric came back in from the extra backing, but it went right back out in the binding.
It was a little discouraging to have a finished quilt and the embroidery finish and not have any usage, so I made a pillowcase.
charity pillowcase 1
One of the local shops put out a call for more pillowcases for their two charities. I used this pattern, which encloses all the seams. I plan to make a few few more before I move on to other projects. If I finish the bunny quilt this year, I will hit positive numbers.
Fabric In: 34.125 yards
Fabric out: 26.575 yards
Net Fabric Added: 7.55 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Kate
2. Julie in GA
3. Meloney
4. Melissa G
5. katie z.
6. Patricia
7. More out
8. Quilting Gail
9. Dar in MO

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November Finish #2

I finally finished the cat quilt, label and all.
finished cat quilt 1
This will be donated to the battered women’s shelter at guild next weekend.
I don’t remember when I started this quilt, but the project seemed to drag on forever. It reinforces that it’s better to work on one thing at a time, unless you don’t mind never finishing anything.
It was also a lesson in acceptance. After a lot of back and forth, I ended up quilting it myself. If I had planned it that way I could have quilted it in sections rather than move the furniture out of my dining room to baste it. Going forward, I will quilt all my own charity quilts and plan the construction accordingly. Lesson learned.
Next I’m back to working on the bunny quilt.

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A Finished Set

I finished the edging on the second pillowcase, my first November Short List finish.
finished red edging
My tension was better on this one. This is something I would do again. It was easier and less time consuming than I thought it would be. Now it seems silly I avoided it for years.
I’m super excited that I finished these in the same year I bought them. That may be a first.
I haven’t figured out what hand work project to start next. I may need to dig around in the sewing room to see what catches my eye.

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Sunday Stash November 5, 2017

No fabric in or out this week.
I spent a lot of time in the sewing room with not much to show for it. The cat quilt is trimmed and the binding is attached. I still need to flip it and sew it down.
I’m about a third the way through the shell edging on the second pillowcase.
red shell edging
I hope to finish both this week and move on to other things.
There are only eight weeks left in the year. I know they’ll go fast.
Fabric In: 34.125 yards
Fabric out: 25.575 yards
Net Fabric Added: 8.55 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Melissa G
2. Kate
3. Julie in GA
4. A little out
5. Patricia
6. Quilting Gail
7. Meloney

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November Short List

Here we are in a new month, rolling into the holiday season. I’m not sure I’m ready for cold and snow and Christmas everywhere you look. I think it will come anyway, whether I want it to or not.
This will be an odd Short list. I have a couple projects close to done and feel like I need to put the next thing on the list too. That will make for a long list. We’ll have to see how that goes.
The Short List includes something old (UFO), something new, a handwork project and Creative Play. I started using this system in November 2014 to keep myself focused. I add and delete categories over time as my interests change.
In October I finished a pillowcase and the surface design round robin piece.
Something Old – I’m quilting and embellishing the Snippet Butterfly top. It’s my oldest UFO.

butterfly outlined
The cat quilt makes a reappearance here too, because I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. I binge quilted it last weekend and the binding is pieced. I even have the label sewn on the back. It just need bound.
Something New – The bunny quilt. All the rows are sewn, but not to each other.

bunny layout
I’m also going to make a few small things, some for Christmas gift.
Handwork – I will crochet the edging on the second pillowcase. It’s already started.

pillowcase 2 done
Creative Play – I have the second round of the surface design round robin to work on for Art Quilt Group.

For my learning project, I’m trying a different method of quilt as you go on the bunny quilt. I doubt I’ll finish it in November. It may turn into a two month long experiment.
The leader and ender project is ongoing.
So that’s my list. I have some extra time off with the holiday this month and no plans. It may turn into my own little mini-retreat.

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Sunday Stash October 29, 2017

No fabric in or out this week.
The cat quilt is about half quilted. I also finished the edging on the first pillowcase and started the second.
pillowcase1 done
As much as I’d like to have a bust, I’m very happy to finish something and move other things closer to completion.
Fabric In: 34.125 yards
Fabric out: 25.575 yards
Net Fabric Added: 8.55 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Melissa G
2. Julie in GA
3. Kate
4. Meloney
5. Melanie
6. 4 yards gone
7. Patricia
8. Quilting Gail

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