Sunday Stash April 15, 2018

No fabric in or out this week. There were opportunities to buy, but nothing caught my fancy.

I did buy a Craftsy embroidery class during their $14 sale yesterday. That doubled my spending for the year.

I had one finish, the box with the tiny stitchery on it.
bird boxI don’t usually do crafty things, but I’m pleased with how this looks. I basted the bird around something similar to Timtex and glued it to the lid. The metallic edging is a trim I had left over from my crafting days. I carefully glued the trim, tucking it under the stitching as I went.

A member of the guild hand painted the boxes and stamped patterns on them. The box is under three inches square.

Fabric In: 2.5 yards

Fabric Out: 1.875 yards

Net Fabric Added: 0.625 yard

Quilt & embroidery spending: $30

How did you do this week?

1 Melissa G
2 Kate
3 Julie in GA
4 maggie f
5 Chrisknits
6 Meloney
7 Quilting Gail
8 MartiDIY
9 Aileen K
10 Mary-Kay
11 Some of this and that

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That Planning Thing

In my April Short List post, I added a category called ”Design”. I added it because I have A LOT of ideas and techniques I want to try. More than what may fit in my lifetime, but I’ll give it my best for as long as I can.
I finally figured out that I need to take a month or so to work out how I want to get those ideas into form. My plans may not work out, but at least it gives me somewhere to start. Otherwise, I’m just wasting time in the sewing room hacking up fabric and making more scraps. I have friends that can cut fabric, sew it together, cut it up again, sew some more and come out with something wonderful. If only it worked that way for me.
I spent a lot of time this week looking at and for things in the sewing room with an eye toward future projects. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I added some of those things to the hoard. I pulled out one kit that had dozens of pieces the size of elbow macaroni. That kit went back in the drawer. Maybe someday I’ll have the patience for it, but not today.
After a lot of head shaking, I decided to figure out a way to use this scrap bag.
spring scrap bagIt will likely be a May project. I chose it because the colors are bright and spring-like. I know spring will come eventually and maybe my fabric choices will encourage it to make a long term appearance.
Yeah, I woke up to an inch of snow earlier this week. It looked like a Currier and Ives painting.
If you have any pattern suggestions, please leave a comment. There isn’t a lot of fabric here, but there should be enough for a table runner once I add background fabric.

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Sunday Stash April 8, 2018

We had a great linkup last week. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there. Mr. Linky was down most of the afternoon. I could see from my side that people were linking up, but the links didn’t show and I couldn’t tell who was linking. I appreciate your patience.
No fabric in, no fabric out and no money spent. Boring, boring, boring. I worked on all four Short List projects this week. Everything moved forward, but nothing finished.
I made the most progress on the Safe house quilt. Only four more rows to go.
Safehouse halfFabric In: 2.5 yards
Fabric Out: 1.875 yards
Net Fabric Added: 0.625 yard
Quilt & embroidery spending: $15
How did you do this week?

1 Kate
2 maggie f
3 Julie in GA
4 Melissa G
5 Chrisknits
6 Meloney
7 MartiDIY
8 Aileen K
9 Quilting Gail
10 Melanie
Little by Little
12 DesertSky Quilting

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How These Things Happen

It all started so innocently…

My Art Quilt Group decided the challenge for April is to create a small piece using the theme of “fantasy”.

I was curious what would come up if I googled “fantasy quilt images”. I saw some interesting pieces, but nothing that really inspired me. Then I googled “fantasy embroidery images” and this you tube channel came up.

I’ve been doing needlework most of my life. How could I not have known this existed?

Now I’m obsessed. I have to get a beginner kit and give it a try.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, the options for kits and books are limited but definitely out there. I’ve also seen it called by a few different names. All this searching has taken me to other amazing websites, such as Needle ‘n Thread.  I’m not sure how I missed that site either, but it may be a while before I come up for air.

All from one innocent search.

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April Short List And OMG

March was a busy month. I finished the dresser set and the Scrappy Birds quilt, which made room for new things on the list.
I’ve delayed writing this post because I struggled with choosing something for the new category. I realized in March that if I want to move original ideas into form, I’m going to have to add a design category. Some people work by just cutting up fabric and sewing it together, but I’m not one of them. I need to think and sketch and think some more.
A category for design feels like a push towards a place I’ve been far too hesitant to go. I know that’s a good thing. I also know it will set things in motion that I can’t begin to imagine. That thought can be a bit intimidating.
Yet forward I go.
The Short List includes something old (UFO), something new, a handwork project, a scrap project and a project in the design phase. I started using this system in November 2014 to keep myself focused. I add and delete categories over time as my interests change.
Something Old – I call this quilt Random because it was the challenge word that month in my Art Quilt Group. I designed it myself in EQ back in 2010. I don’t remember how the word “random” led to this pattern as there is nothing random about it. The top is basted and ready to quilt. Finishing this quilt is my OMG for March.
Random topSomething New – My current Safehouse quilt. I don’t usually work on these except at small group, but I need something to piece.
charity tripHandwork – I’m stitching the Christmas bags, both with floss and crewel yarn. My crewel started a little shaky but has improved as I go.
wreath bag 1Scrap Project – I am making a name tag for Needle Arts Guild.
Design – An idea I call “pieced shapes”. This has been on the list for months. I was browsing the web and came across something totally unrelated that set me on a new path. I think I can make the new idea work.
I am still working on the leader and ender project.
It feels like a long list, but I think I can manage a few finishes.
I’m linking to Elm Street Quilts for my One Monthly Goal.

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Sunday Stash April 1, 2018

No fabric in or out this week.
I went to Joann’s Friday with a wad of coupons and didn’t buy anything. I was looking for embroidery supplies that they don’t carry and good quality cotton knit fabric. No luck on the fabric either. There will be a road trip in my future for fashion fabric.
I finished the last piece in the dresser set and moved on to the next hand project. It’s folded in half here.
runner halfAnd this is a close up.
runner close upAll the pieces need a good soak, but not today.
Fabric In: 2.5 yards
Fabric Out: 1.875 yards
Net Fabric Added: 0.625 yard
Quilt & embroidery spending: $15

How did you do this week?

1 Chrisknits
2 Julie in GA
3 Meloney
4 MartiDIY
5 Quilting Gail
6 Aileen K
7 Melanie
8 Mary-Kay
9 Patricia
10 maggie f
11 DesertSky Quilting
12 Moving ahead
13 michele
14 Jennifer in Indy

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March One Monthly Goal

My OMG for March was to finish piecing the Random top, add the first border and remove all the paper. I originally planned to add three borders to the quilt, one of them pieced. After sewing the top together, I decided that was too many borders. The top is finished without the pieced border.
Random topThat puts me a little ahead of the game on this quilt and makes me 4 for 4 on my OMGs.

I’m linking up to Elm Street Quilts.

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