Book Experiment Round Seven

I finished The Afterlife of Bill Fingers, the round six book. It was the fastest read of any of the books so far. I think it was classified as “unexplained” because the subject matter was life after death. Whether you believe in that or not, the book contained some pearls of wisdom, especially in the first half. I finished this book, which is more than I did with some selections. I don’t know that I would recommend it though. I felt like the book was so specific and personal to the author that it lost meaning for the rest of us.

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I ventured back into the fiction section for the next pick. This book came from the “Inspirational fiction” section, which means that God and faith make an appearance. How much of an appearance depends on the author.

My choice is Into The Free by Julie Cantrell. Never heard of the book and I don’t think I’ve ever read the author before. It’s about a girl growing up in Depression-era Mississippi that’s trying to rise above her circumstances. It has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon with almost 700 reviews. I believe this is the highest rated book I’ve chosen.

Over the next few weeks I will decide what things I’ve done in 2016 will continue into 2017 and which will not. If you have strong feelings about the book experiment either way, let me know. I have definitely read books well outside the pattern of what I usually read. I had hoped to find some treasures, but that hasn’t happened so far.

Perhaps that wasn’t the point. Maybe the experience is the point. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

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Stitching To Dye #2 Top

I finished this top last night.

q2d2-topI didn’t plan to add horizontal borders, but the quilt told me it needed them. It was feeling a little short and wide. I could relate, so I went ahead and added them.
I also cut the backing and found a smaller piece of muslin to throw in the dye bath for the sleeve. I didn’t dye sleeve fabric last time, but learned from the mistake.
Once it’s quilted, this piece will be dyed twice. The first color will be turquoise and I’m thinking the second will be chino. I usually do two color dyes at the same time, but the instructions say to dye one color, rinse, and wash in Retayne, and then dye the second color. It will take longer, but I’m curious to see how it turns out.
I want to finish this piece and move on to the next. I already have fun ideas on what to do with the third quilt in the series.

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Scrap Report And Squeaking By

No fabric in or out this week.

I have the Stitching To Dye piece ready for borders. I messed around too long with the sashing, because the fabric I liked best came out of a scrap bag and the strips were too narrow. I dug around in the bag and found a small rectangle of the fabric. I made sure I cut correctly because I didn’t have much to spare.

sashing-scrapI see this one becoming a bust next week. Although there may be a small finish after that, I don’t see much more fabric going out this year.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 118 3/4 yards

Fabric out: 29 7/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 88 7/8 yards

Yarn In: 21 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 379 yds

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December Short List

Hard to believe it’s December already. Between the holidays and some health issues with mom, I don’t know how much time I’ll get in the sewing room. Regardless, I optimistically created a rather long list.
Last month I finished the journal cover and the Heartbeat quilt top. The journal cover and the Stitching to Dye piece were Creative Play.
The Short List is something old (UFO), something new, a scrap project, a handwork project and Creative Play. I started using this system in November 2014 to keep myself focused. I adjust the categories as needed to add new interests and drop things that no longer appeal.
Something Old: I’ve had the Color Study on the list for four months now. I did think of a few different things to do with it, so I left it on the list.

color-challenge-baseI’m also putting the bear embroidery blocks in this category, mostly because I don’t want to add them to the UFO list.

bear-block-2Something New: I am pulling out the Quilt Addicts Anonymous BOM again because I don’t want to add it to the UFO list either. If I sneak the fussy pieced blocks in between the liberated piecing, maybe I won’t mind them so much.

bom-februaryScrap Project: I’m almost done with the top for the next Stitching To Dye project.

s2d2-stripsI’m also adding the quilt for Safehouse. The goal is to finish all the blocks.

rwb-brick-blocksHandwork: I’ve been working on the Rose Hughes class piece. I’m having fun trying new embroidery stitches.

cable-chain-stitchI’m also adding a crocheted hat. I found the pattern on Craftsy and it looks quick and easy. I decided to make one myself because I haven’t found a hat in the stores that I like. It isn’t like I don’t have yarn.
Creative Play: Dyeing the next Stitching to Dye piece will be my Creative Play for December.
I’ll just see how it all goes. Anything I don’t finish will move to the January list, so no pressure. As long as I use a little more fabric before the end of the year, I’m happy.

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November Scrap Progress And December Goals

I completely forgot about my November scrap goal but still managed to make progress. I planned to finish the second Stitching To Dye quilt. I have the columns sewn together and the vertical sashing and borders picked, but haven’t stitched it all together yet. No horizontal borders on this one.

s2d2-stripsI plan to have it completely finished so I can dye it the weekend of the 10th.

I also made a baby quilt from scraps that wasn’t part of my monthly scrap goals.

siberian-coinsIn December I want to get the blocks made for the next Safehouse quilt. I sewed up a few to see how they looked.

rwb-brick-blocksI picked up the blue and white squares off the charity table at guild. A lot of the other fabrics came off that table too, but some of the reds will be from my scrap stash.

It’s scary to admit I have a fascination with sewing up other people’s scraps and unfinished projects, like I don’t have enough of my own. For whatever reason, those squares spoke to me and begged me to take them home.

You can see all the other scrap goals at Confession of a Fabric Addict.

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Stash Report And Star Blocks

No fabric in this week. I stayed away from the quilt shops and all the other stores this weekend. I couldn’t think of a single thing we needed. It’s only a good deal if you can use it. I used a half-yard on the journal cover that I talked about in my last post.

goddess-journal-coverNow I’m working on the blocks for the second Stitching To Dye piece. Six blocks are done, four more are in progress.

s2d-two-blocksHope to get these finished today and start sewing them together. I’m not as happy with my block choice for this quilt as I was for the first one, and that resulted in procrastination. No more of that. This is a LEARNING experience and it’s time to finish and move on to the next.

I’m linking to Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 118 3/4 yards

Fabric out: 29 7/8 yards

Net Fabric ADDED: 88 7/8 yards

Yarn In: 21 yards

Yarn Out: 400 yds

Net Yarn OUT: 379 yds

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New Life For An Old Project

I hope that everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I am grateful I had a day off from work to spend with my family, have a yummy meal and do some sewing. I had the best visit with mom I’d had in a long time. Everyone is healthy, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

I finished the journal cover using what I called “the goddess block”, a UFO from a class I took ten years ago. Where does the time go? I’m sorry to say I have UFOs even older that I still love and want to finish. At least this one is off the list.

goddess-journal-coverBehind the appliqué I used a product called Wash Away Stitch Stabilizer by CT Publishing* that I pulled out of my Treasure Basket. I picked it up at a sale at The Quilt Foundry. About a year ago, they bought all the items a local distributor put on clearance and them sold them cheap. I probably paid $1 or $2 for the stabilizer, and I really loved it. It stabilized without adding stiffness, and my machine stitched through it beautifully. I decided not to wash it away because it wasn’t necessary for this project.

It’s a peel and stick stabilizer that comes on sheets that will go through a printer. I don’t know if I will use it that way or not. I get nervous with things like that because the printer ink needs to go somewhere when the stabilizer dissolves, and I mostly embroider on light colored backgrounds. Not sure that’s a chance I want to take.

I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday and Off The Wall Friday.


*I have no affiliation with CT Publishing.

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