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Sewing Room Clean Up and Stash Report

I cleaned up the debris from finding mold in my UFO bins. I lost the better part of one small quilt. I could only save her face. You can see the mildew spots and rust marks from straight pins.   … Continue reading

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Sewing Room Science Projects

This is what your sewing room looks like after you discover two of your UFO storage bins and one package of batting have mold farms in the bottom.   This calls for a total sewing room makeover that gets everything … Continue reading

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Alteration Overload

I took a little break from sewing to work on the ever-growing alteration pile. Those clothes pile up, and I can’t wear them until I fix them. I pinned one leg of a pair of pants I bought six months … Continue reading

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Finished Quilt Made Of Squares Top

Permit boy became license boy yesterday.  I thought that permit would expire before he’d take the test.  When I was his age I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license.  License = Freedom.  That’s how I though of it.  Times … Continue reading

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Quilting 15 Minutes A Day

A few years ago I made a point to spend time quilting every day. Once I established the routine, I sewed closer to 1 hour a day and finished a lot more projects. Circumstances change over time, and I dropped … Continue reading

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Quilts Made Of Squares #2

  I finished the tulip quilt yesterday.  That’s a half yard out, one item off the Short List and a finish for my March Lovely Year of Finishes.  No fabric in this week.   That freed me up to start … Continue reading

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Quilt As Desired, Part Two

We left off in the last post with the border.  Here’s a picture of the quilting with the paper removed. In the center I wanted to play up the tulip design.  I did not mark the lines in the flowers … Continue reading

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Quilt As Desired, Part One

The quilting is my least favorite part of making a quilt.  I know I’m not the only person that feels this way.  In spite of how I feel, I only have a couple tops that need quilted.  I try not … Continue reading

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Making Progress

We had another one of those weeks here.  Both hubby and son got go-to-the-doctor sick, and mom took another fall.  No damage that they can tell so far.  It was quite a feat considering she’s bedridden.  I’m just trying to … Continue reading

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March A Lovely Year Of Finishes & Short List

I’ve decided to pretend February never happened.  Between mom spending two weeks in the hospital and hubby hurting his back I didn’t get anything done.  I have big hopes for March.  NOTHING lasts forever.  The accidents and illnesses WILL stop. … Continue reading

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