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Birthday Books

I had a birthday last month and treated myself to a bag of books from the library. They haven’t had a book sale in almost two years and decided to permanently set up tables with books for sale in lieu … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your family does something special for you today. Work deadlines kept me out of the sewing room most of the week. Although finding “me” time around work projects will be challenging this month, I won’t … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash May 2, 2021

Until I finish the Crazy Quilt Course, I’m going to pretend my numbers don’t exist. The beading continues. As of this picture, I have six more steps to complete in Task #12 to finish the class. If any of you … Continue reading

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The May 2021 Short List

I finished stitching Christmas Eve in April, but didn’t frame it. In spite of all the time spent on the Crazy Quilt Course, hours of work remain. That project feels like it will never end. Very little sewing happened in … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash April 25, 2021

Let’s not even talk about the numbers. It’s been all crazy quilt, all week, all beads. I am a slow beader. If I worked with them more often it would go faster, but it’s never been my thing. I don’t … Continue reading

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A Finish, Some Haul and a Start

I finished stitching the Christmas Eve piece. I thought I wanted to frame it, but it’s an odd size. Perhaps some other brilliant idea will present itself, one where size isn’t an issue. A couple weeks ago we had a … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash April 18, 2021

No change in the numbers this week. I put together a small quilt with the bunny fabric scraps, and it’s ready for quilting. There was no pattern for this. I took the scraps I had and sewed them together, making … Continue reading

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A Little Every Day

I finished stitching a project this week that was designated my do-a-little-every-day project. The concept is simple. Every day I did something to move that project forward. This is not a new idea, or my idea, but something I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Crazy Quilt Course Task 11

After some epic procrastination, I finished task 11, the iris and hyacinth cluster. I’m embarrassed to admit it wasn’t that hard and didn’t take a lot of time. I just couldn’t face another task of silk ribbon embroidery. A couple … Continue reading

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Sunday Stash April 11, 2021

No change in the numbers this week. I’ve done some shopping over the last couple months, but not fabric. I added some patterns, two in one buy and the other two a month later. The skirt/pants pattern also has shorts, … Continue reading

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