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Sunday I spent the afternoon with friends working on our individual sewing/quilting projects.  One of the ladies brought the star blocks each of us made her as part of the membership block swap in one of my quilt groups.    … Continue reading

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Sunday Already?

Some weeks pass by like the wait in a doctor’s office when they’re overbooked and others pass like a summer cloudburst.  This was definitely a cloudburst kind of week.   I didn’t buy any fabric this week even though I … Continue reading

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Making Time

Last night my Art Quilt Group discussed taking time to experiment and try new techniques.  Everyone lives such busy lives it creates a stigma about “me” time.  “Me” time shouldn’t cause guilty feelings.  All those other tasks will wait until … Continue reading

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Round Robin Homecoming

Last Friday night I met with three of the four ladies that participated in the round robin to have dinner and return the quilts to their owners.  I started with this   and got this back.   Didn’t they do … Continue reading

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Putty Prints

I played with the silly putty stamp this weekend as promised.  I tried a few different techniques, with one working better than the other. For the first attempt, I coated the stamp with paint using a foam brush then pressed … Continue reading

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In a Mood

In the summer, hummingbirds come and live at our house.  We fill feeders for them, and their calls and the hum of their wings become part of the daily background noise.  Sometimes they hover at the screens and watch us.  … Continue reading

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Fun Links

The Quilting Arts website has added a page to search for Quilting Arts TV in your area.  I’ve searched but my local PBS stations don’t broadcast the program.  You can search the listings here or sign up for the newsletter … Continue reading

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Take it Further with Silly Putty

I’ve continued developing my ideas for Sharon’s January TIF challenge by spending time looking at the Andy Warhol book.  Most of his works were either black on vivid colors, vivid colors on black or tone on tone.  I decided to … Continue reading

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Silly Shopping

I’m not buying fabric, so I came home with this instead.   Hard to believe two packages of silly putty and one silk leaf stem are quilt related, but they are.  More on how I plan to use these items … Continue reading

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EQ and Yahoo

A new Yahoo group formed this week to explore using Electric Quilt (EQ) software to design art quilts.  The idea originated in the Info-EQ list hosted by Planet Patchwork.  The moderator is Sheila Williams, a computer consultant and long-time quilter … Continue reading

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