Fabric Painting: Cheesecloth

I decided weeks ago to use painted cheesecloth in the Jaen quilt. Then my Art Quilt Group chose working cheesecloth into a small project as the February assignment.  Yeah, I’m a little behind.  In my mind I want it to look like camouflage fabric.  In reality I never know where I’ll end up.


The price sticker on the bag says “Big Wheel”, so I know I bought it before 1988.  I haven’t seen a Big Wheel since we lived near Ashland, Ohio.  I must have bought it for a cooking project then left it to gather dust in a kitchen drawer for decades.  This particular brand comes tube shaped with no side seam.  Do they weave it all that way?  Anyone know?

painted cheesecloth 

I learned when painting sheers that brushes don’t work on loose weave fabric.  I wet the green piece before drizzling very watered down paint onto the cloth with a plastic spoon.  I left the brown piece dry and used the same technique.  For whatever reason, the wet piece seemed to hold the paint better and produced more mottling.  Now that the fabric has dried some I can see the brown has more texture.


Next I’ll try adding layers of color and creating a forest background.

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