M&Ms of Stashbusting

I stopped at the quilt shop today to pick up the golden threads paper.  I had four inches left when I finished quilting the fall round robin.  That’s as close as it gets!


QOV descriptionWhile there I bought almost three yards of fabric to use in the QOV/August TIF challenge.  I know I’ll have some of the fossil fern left over.  I never have enough light colored fabrics, so when I have to buy I buy extra.  I don’t feel guilty about this purchase because I know I’ll use most of it.  Since I haven’t bought much fabric this year, I enjoyed shopping that much more.


I realized today that tracking fabric usage helps me stay conscious of what I’m buying and forces me to consider using what I have first.  It’s a little like eating M&Ms from the bag.  You don’t pay attention to how many you eat while you’re watching TV and the next thing you know the bag is empty.  When you put them in a bowl, you know exactly how many you ate.


I’m still turning binding, so my out number didn’t change yet.


Fabric in this week:  2 7/8 yard

Fabric in YTD:  14.5 yards


Fabric out this week:  0 yard

Fabric out YTD:  22.5 yards

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