Fabric Painting: Stamping White on White

For the second experiment using white on white (WOW) fabric, I cut four squares and stamped a design on each of them.  Each square has the same stamped images, but two of the squares are mirror images of the other two.  Then I sewed them together in a four-patch block.  The design looked a little sparse, so I stamped over the center of the block and two of the seams.  Here’s the result.

stamped paint wow 

I didn’t water down the paint.  The fabric’s texture barely shows through the black.


To continue the first experiment, I took the various WOW scraps I painted, cut them up, and reassembled them into a block.  Because of the irregular shapes, I fused them to a piece of interfacing and sewed down the edges with decorative stitches.  I tried four different stitches before settling on a medium zigzag. 

painted crazy block 

These two blocks started me thinking about other possibilities.  What if I piece painted WOW fabric into a traditional block?  What if I use it for appliqué?  What if I use appliqué designs as stencils?  What if I water down the paint before I stamp?  What if I take my paints to retreat so I can play with these ideas?


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