Sunday Stash December 31, 2017

Here we are at the last stash report of the year. Thanks to everyone that supported the move to this blog either by linking up or visiting the blogs of those that did. I plan to continue Sunday Stash next year. I have a lot of fabric to use up.
I finished Butterfly Garden yesterday for one last bust this year.
butterfly garden
This quilt has a long history. I put the top together in 2000, just a few years after I started quilting. Then I had no idea what to do with it. The book suggested an all over stipple with monofilament thread. I didn’t have free motion skills and my machine wouldn’t sew with monofilament. I set the top aside for a good ten years.
By then the internet was a whole different place, free motion quilting was common and I’d upgraded to a better machine. I had more skills and pulled the top out again. I worked on it a little and decided how I wanted to quilt parts of it.
Then it sat again for a few years.
This year I pulled it out and knew exactly how I wanted to finish it. I started working on it and ran into problems with the free motion. There are a lot of layers of fabric bits and fusible in 2000 wasn’t what it is now. The quilting kept pulling up the fabric. My thread broke often in spite of foot and needle changes. It just wasn’t working.
I really wanted it done this year, so I modified my quilting plan until I came up with something that did work.
I’ve learned valuable lessons about NOT letting UFOs sit forever and “making it work”. I won’t make a snippet quilt again though. People have come up with much easier techniques since then that give the same effect.
Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy New Year.
Fabric In: 34.125 yards
Fabric out: 37 yards
Net Fabric Used: 2.875 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Melissa G
2. Meloney
3. Julie in GA
4. Kate
5. Quilting Gail
6. Jennifer in Indy
7. Dar in MO
8. MartyDIY
9. Susan in TN

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10 Responses to Sunday Stash December 31, 2017

  1. Melissa G says:

    Happy New Year! I think every quilt leaves us with a lesson learned – some easy and some hard! Without that our skills and ideas would not progress forward.

  2. melfunk says:

    Happy New Year. Thank you for keeping this going. It helps me to focus during the year. that snippets quilt is beautiful. Materials have changed over the years.

  3. Kate says:

    Congratulations on a finishing off one of your older UFOs. It’s a gorgeous quilt. What plans do you have for it now that it’s finished?

  4. Dar in MO says:

    I commend you for sticking to getting it done even after so many years. I have lots of those “Oldies but goodies” too that I plan to finish. I do agree that the techniques have changed a lot since we started them, AND our skills have undoubtedly improved too. It looks real nice and now it’s DONE!
    I am tallying up my usage and will post later. Thanks for picking up the stash reporting — it does help me to be accountable and use up my enormous amount of stash. Happy New Year.

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  6. Thanks for hosting the stash reports this year and for doing it next year too – it really helps me make sure that I shop at home first. Hope you have a good evening tonight and lots of happy quilting in 2018!

  7. Marti says:

    Good job sticking with that quilt. Yes, quilting techniques, the new ones anyway, have certainly changed in the last 20 years. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Dar in MO says:

    I forgot to thank you too for hosting UFOs next year. They do help keep me accountable too. By the way, when your reply comes to my email, there is no way to reply back to you directly. It says you are a noreply blogger .

  9. Susan says:

    You did really well! Better than I did. For only 7 months, I had +5.8! I hope to actually go negative in 2018. Thanks for continuing to do this. I’m trying to spread the word!

  10. I just found this challenge and will be joining everyone. Between yarn and fabric, I won’t have time to sleep. Happy New Year.

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