Sunday Stash February 4, 2018

No fabric in ā€“ yet. There is a sale at my local quilt shop today and I think I’ll brave the snow to go. The shop rented tables to people to sell stuff they no longer want. The shop also has some tables of notions at deep discount. I like this sale because the focus is on notions and not fabric, and I can try new products without spending a lot of money on them.
I had a VERY small bust with the woven project. The Bouquet quilt should be done by next weekend for another bust. I only have to quilt the border and bind it. I made the sleeve last night.
bouquet center quiltedThe fabric sure isn’t going out very fast this year. I think that’s the nature of finishing my UFOs as most of them are wall quilts.
Fabric In: 0
Fabric Out: 0.125
Net Fabric Used: 0.125

How did you do this week?

1. Chrisknits
2. Melissa G
3. Julie In GA
4. Meloney
5. Kate
6. maggie f
7. Mary-Kay
8. MartiDIY
9. Quilting Gail
10. Melanie
11. Jennifer in Indy
12. Susan T
13. Dar’s Patchwork Garden
14. Patricia @ Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer
15. Little by Little
16. Aileen K

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10 Responses to Sunday Stash February 4, 2018

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  2. chrisknits says:

    I almost broke wven, just a bit added to the dtash, but the YTD is still way over!! And I am also finishing up UFOs and small projects, so not much going out right now.

  3. Melissa G says:

    The flower bouquet is beautiful. The quilting really accentuates the flowers.

  4. Kate says:

    Very pretty! Even if the stash going out is low, you haven’t got any incoming, so it’s still a great year so far.

  5. Marti says:

    That is a pretty quilt! I understand about not using much and I think it is due to the UFOs also. Except for the backing, all my fabric useage has already been taken on my UFOs.

    I think I’d brave the snow for a sale like that too. I hope you show off your new products. I’m tickled with my new ruler foot but wish I could have found it on sale too.

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  7. Very nice quilting – and even if you don’t use a lot of fabric, but finish several UFOs, it will be a good year!

  8. Susan T says:

    I’m still in the red, but finishing something feels good. The bad news is that I have to find backings for my two large projects, so things will get worse before they get better! I love applique, especially when the quilting is complete – it really makes the applique stand out!

  9. Dar in MO says:

    I understand what you are saying about not much going out when your UFO is small. I tend to make large quilts, hence why they are not finished yet! Throw in a pillowcase or two and that helps. You are doing great with not adding, so you will come out ahead if you keep it up.

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