Sunday Stash May 19, 2019

When the numbers move, they MOVE.
My guild had their fabric sale yesterday. Need I say more?
This is part of what came home with me.
The pink on the left is vintage. The paw print fabric will go in the quilt with the cat blocks. I have no excuse for the rest. Not pictured: a few fat quarters and several yards of neutrals.
These fabrics I bought to make clothing. The pink came from the thrift. It’s a textured rayon blend and there’s a lot of it. The other two came from the sale, although I’m not sure there’s enough of the blue for a tank. If not I’ll make a pillowcase with it. That print would be hard to use in a quilt.
The total damage was 19 yards in. I am not counting the fabric I bought for someone else. No fabric out.
After buying so much fabric, I spent last night in the sewing room trying to make up for it.
Fabric Added: 33.25
Fabric Used: 3.5 yards
Net Fabric In: 29.75 yards
How did you do this week?

1 Kate
2 Pack Rat With a Plan
3 maggie f
4 Julie in GA
5 Chrisknits
6 Patricia
7 Quilting Gail

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6 Responses to Sunday Stash May 19, 2019

  1. Kate says:

    It would be nice if fabric went out as easily as it comes in. You got some fun pieces at the sale.

  2. Melissa G says:

    I love the paw prints in the neutral. I usually only see them in brights with black. Can’t want to see what you make with these.

  3. Mia is mine says:

    I agree with Melissa – I’ve never seen paw prints in neutral! They are so pretty! Your fabrics are lovely and I’m sure will become something beautiful.

  4. Gayle Kush says:

    I didn’t even try to figure how much I bought. I just put it away when I got home.

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  6. Susan says:

    Who needs an excuse when there’s a great buy available? You know you will use it somewhere! I have finally had time to make a new Stash Report for the last two months and will link on Monday!

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