Many years ago I took a shibori class through my Guild. I don’t remember who taught it, but I do remember she made a living through installation art and not teaching or writing books.

The best part of the class was her examples of different shibori patterns. This is what I came home with after a full day.

Definitely not the number of samples I expected. These were created using stitched resist and dye.

Prior to the class I produced this piece by wrapping fabric around PVC pipe and painting it.

I have also tried folding and clamping fabric but prefer the other two methods.

Shibori became one of those Ideas That Would Not Go Away. There are many of them. It’s in good company.

Since it’s here to stay I might as well start experimenting again. I checked a book out of the library to refresh myself on the techniques. I already have the supplies. Now I need to block out time and have a visit with my old acquaintance.

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1 Response to Shibori

  1. Laura says:

    Also on my someday list to do! I haven’t played with dyes and paints in a long time! It will be so much fun to see your pieces! 🙂

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