We Have a Winner

After getting close with the last sample, I jumped right in and did another one.  The combo was freezer paper stencils, stencil brush, paint and textured fabric.  One sample is white on white; the other is cream on cream.

more samples


The results are exactly what I was after.  I pounced the brush on the fabric for the darker leaf shapes.  All the other sections were done using brushstrokes. 


I bought the brush at BigLots for under a dollar.  The fabric paints are sold at Michael’s.


I mention the sources for items and their cost to show that the supplies can be purchased almost anywhere and that fabric painting does not have to be expensive.  Some craft stores sell stencil brushes for seven or eight dollars, but the fifty cent ones work just fine.  Fabric painting is FUN, and the supplies shouldn’t be a deterrent.

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