Darlene Zimmerman Trunk Show


Butterfly quiltDarlene Zimmerman (the Feedsack Lady) spoke at a local quilt guild Thursday and showed pieces from her antique quilt and clothing collection.  I don’t belong to that guild, so I paid a guest fee to join the fun.


In addition to the trunk show, she gave a history of quilting that included lots of information I hadn’t heard before.  Did you know the expression “pin money” originated back in the day when pins and needles were hand made individually?  Women had to save money to buy them because they were so expensive.


She also talked about how she buys UFOs from the 1930s and finishes them.  I can relate to her horror stories because I do the same thing.  There’s always a reason no one finished those quilts over the last 70 years.  When she finds one she can’t save, she recreates it in reproduction fabrics.


kit quiltIf you like the 1930’s quilts, you will enjoy her lecture.  I found her presentation interesting, humorous, informative and relaxing.  She spent time at the end answering questions and left some of her quilts on display so people could look at them up close.  This was one of the best lectures by a professional quilter I’ve attended to date.


I didn’t sit in the best place to take pictures, but I have a few worth sharing.  I couldn’t crop all the heads and water bottles out of the rest of the pictures and maintain enough quality to post them.  Next time I’ll get there earlier and sit front and center. 


The floral quilt with the white background is a kit quilt.

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