New Digs

The things we do for our kids.

Grumpy teenage boy wasn’t sleeping well, which made him even grumpier.  I’ll spare you the long story about roosting birds and the neighbor’s driveway and how the sounds carry from the road, and we’ll just say his bedroom was noisy.  Like a good mom, I offered him the guest room, a.k.a. my sewing room, to see if he slept better.  To make another long story short, he decided to stay.

Moving bedroom furniture is the worst.  Wrestling it through the door into the narrow hall and through another door was more work than I wanted to do.  Because he’s a teenager, he didn’t want to move anything.  We solved it by moving all our stuff and leaving the furniture as is.

He took his clothes and a couple books, and told me to throw the rest of his stuff away.  It’s a relief to know he doesn’t have the hoarding gene, but I didn’t let him off that easy.  He did keep a few more things.  He also kept my plant and my calendar.

It didn’t take long to figure out that all of my quilting supplies were not going to fit in the new sewing room.  Now my stuff is spread throughout four rooms of the house.  I definitely need to downsize.

Since he didn’t care how much stuff I left in his new room, I got to be selective about what I moved.  My new sewing room is comfortable, without the overflow of clutter I had in the old room.  It was the jumpstart I needed to get me sewing again.

The room switch is still a work in progress.  We’ll finish moving everything we’re going to move this weekend, and as I finish projects I’ll move other projects and supplies in.  It sounds good in theory, but there’s always the possibility I’ll buy more stuff (fabric) to fill the space.

Or not.  I love having all the floor space.

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1 Response to New Digs

  1. ruthlane says:

    Hope you enjoy your new space. I always end up filling mine up. I need to do a major clean out soon 🙂

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