May Short List

I can hardly believe another month has passed. How can the days go by so fast? Seems like I blink my eyes and we’re in the middle of the next big thing. And so it goes.
I finished two of the three items on my April list and made one small quilt that wasn’t on the list. That was a big improvement over March. I have four items on my May list.
1. The dreaded block for the Shabby Fabrics mystery BOM. I really do like these blocks. Don’t know why I can’t bring myself to start one.
2. My Art Quilt Group challenge #1, which is something strippy working side to side.
3. My Art Quilt Group challenge #2, which is something strippy working from the center out. I chose another one of the orphan checkerboard blocks for the center of this quilt.

4. Finish the Native American themed round robin from 2007. I’ve pulled this out more than once over the years. I made the strip at the top that doesn’t go with any of the other strips. Now that I’ve decided to put it on the back of the quilt, I think I can get the rest of the strips together. Having one that didn’t fit kinda threw me.

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2 Responses to May Short List

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    I think if you added a turquoise (and one of the colors in your strip) border(s) or some other treatment around your strip it would be fine on the front of the quilt. Are the black and turquoise strips separate from the brown strip in the center?

  2. That top row just needs a band of black between it and the other three. Take a closeup of that brown fabric in the middle column – maybe some one has a little bit to send you so that you can even up the rows, or unpick the seams in the two applique columns and take out some of the gray so they’re all the same and you will be good to go. I like it!

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