A Cookie And A Baking Mix

I’ve had cookies on the brain lately.
I bought a pack of Glutino Vanilla Crème cookies to give them a try. I bet I looked at them for a year before I bought them. I’m still haunted by memories of gluten free cookies (not Glutino) that tasted like sawdust and ended up in the trash. I’d like to think that food producers learned a little something since then.


These cookies are amazing. The have the exact right taste and consistency. They even smell like the real thing. So many gluten free products are either chocolate or heavily spiced to hide that funky gluten-free taste. It’s so refreshing to have a vanilla choice.
I also think Glutino brand cracker are some of the best on the market.
I have no affiliation with any company I mention here. I share my experiences because a lot of expensive gluten-free products on the market taste like crap. If I can save someone a few bucks or point them toward something worth eating my work here is done.
I’ve also tried a different gluten-free baking mix, but I’m not ready to have an opinion on it. I’m still playing with my recipes to find the best ingredient combo to use with it. These things take a little tweaking.

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1 Response to A Cookie And A Baking Mix

  1. bbcute says:

    Thanks for the endorsement. I haven’t seen this brand, but we’ve got a “newish” store that specializes in gluten-free products where I might find them. I also prefer the vanilla flavored things to chocolate!!!

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