February Short List & Challenge/Lovely Year of Finishes (LYOF)

I had two items on the January Short List and finished one.  The curtains were the project I picked for the January LYOF.


The February Short List looks like this:

1.     Confetti Breeze is my UFO project.  I want to enter this in a show at the end of April.  The quilt needs embellishments, a hanging sleeve and a label.


2.     The second Feelin’ Frosty panel is my new project.  I finished the first panel in January.


3.     The last project is turning the raffle blocks into a quilt for the small quilt auction my guild has planned in July.  This is also my challenge project and my choice for the February LYOF.  The challenge is to make a small quilt out of only the blocks shown.  The back of the quilt will have different fabric, but the front will use only these blocks.


The past few months I’ve sped through the new projects and done almost nothing with the UFOs.  I really want to reduce the quilts in the UFO bins.  I have so much fabric tied up in those bins, earmarked for those projects.  I’d like to free up those fabrics for other projects and free up some space for the sake of having space.  My sewing room is too crowded.

To see how everyone else did on their January finishes, visit Fiber Of All Sorts.

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1 Response to February Short List & Challenge/Lovely Year of Finishes (LYOF)

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    A couple of years ago I finally went through all of my UFO’s with a realistic eye. Anything that I didn’t still love was taken to my guild and given to someone who might actually do it. It was the best thing I ever did. Freed up not only space but my mind as well. I also went through my “project boxes” and took out fabric that I could use for other things and ditched the fabrics I no longer loved. That was a good feeling too. Don’t get me wrong I still have way too much stuff but I don’t feel so overwhelmed any more and I don’t have old stuff I don’t really even want to finish weighing on my mind or my sewing time!

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