Sunday Stash Sept. 10, 2017

No fabric in or out this week.
I finished cutting all the pieces for the bunny quilt yesterday. I wish all that fabric was mine, but a lot of it came from the charity quilt table and my small group’s charity stash. It’s good to use that fabric up because it uses storage space in the sewing room. It just doesn’t help my numbers any.
bunny quilt pieces
At least the backs for these charity quilts use a fair amount of fabric.
Thoughts and prayers out to everyone in the path of hurricane Irma. Many people in Northwest Ohio have family and friends in Florida, myself included.
Fabric In: 34.125 yards
Fabric out: 20.575 yards
Net Fabric Added: 13.55 yards
How did you do this week?

1. Kate
2. Meloney
3. Julie in GA
4. Melanie
5. Susan in TN

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2 Responses to Sunday Stash Sept. 10, 2017

  1. Kate says:

    Making space counts for something, even if the numbers don’t. Happy stitching this next week.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    What great colors! Making space is good. How else are you going to have room for more fabric? =)

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